Bieyanka Moore: Family Has No Luck Getting "Underage" Porn Off Internet

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Lawyers for RK Netmedia, owner of, claim that a hardcore film featuring actress Bieyanka Moore was pulled off the porn site immediately upon being tipped that she may have been a 15-year-old runaway.

But on the internet, it's nearly impossible to put such a genie back in the bottle. Moore's movie -- Cum Fiesta -- is still readily viewable at third party sites, much to the chagrin of the runaway's family.

Seven months ago, this message was posted on at least one such site under Moore's video:

Hi This is the family os [C.S.] well Bieyanka Moore!!!! I see you say you are in compliance with 18 USC well shes only 15 and our family has started actions against reality kings!!!! please take down immeditly this is child pornography and your site can and will face charges!!!!! thank you If have questions or need more information us @[email address].

Perhaps not surprisingly, the message didn't garner much sympathy. User "dre dre" responded:

I agree but at the same time who tell her start fucking all over the place. You think posting a comment and going to court and all that is going to make a difference? At the end of the day she'll do what she wants, sad to say is to late for her just like laurence fishburn daughter aka leopard booty

From "Alex Andersson":

This video has already gone viral so it will be virtually impossible to stop it's distribution. This video will be freely available for many years to come...

Since the user responses to the family member's comment are identical on several sites, it appears that at least five of the sites showing the film may be run by the same company. They're registered by the appropriately named Moniker Privacy Services, a company located in Pompano Beach.

It's possible that there's so little oversight at such third-party sites that even seven months after the warning message was posted, no administrator has seen it. But it's tough to say that a film-pirating company should be released from child-porn liability just because it broadcasts such material blindly.


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Shauna Rae
Shauna Rae

I don't understand why anyone could blame anyone but the girl herself.  She is the one who got herself an ID from the STATE. The porn industry did it's job, there' no way they could have known. There's also no way that the poor man who will probably go to jail and be labeled as a sex offender could have known. There is no physical difference from a highly developed 15 year old to an 18 year old, there isn't a magical stamp, nothing. I knew a girl in the 4th grade with D cup breasts, and one of my friends from high school who is 21 now still looks 12. People who watch this porn and upload it may have no idea that she is 15. I've seen her myspace photos, she looks much older even just clothed.

It doesn't make anyone who sees it a predator. And by claiming that this girl who was obviously smart and mature enough to figure out how to fool these people is a victim, and the man who had sex with her is a predator, you're undermining the children everywhere who REALLY get hurt, and the REAL monsters out there.


This is sad and a shame, WHAT is our world coming to?? Children getting Botox, pregnant, and stealing ID'S FROM STRIPPERS... 15 YEAR OLD PORN-STAR Bieyanka Moore.... SMH and you men and women out there watching this stuff.. Lmao I guess your ass got fooled. So one question... WHAT DOES THAT MAKE YOU? A Predator right!!?? Lol IT'S SAD BUT THANK JESUS THAT I DON'T HAVE ANY!!!!! ONLY IN MIAMI.... THIS IS SAD

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