Bieyanka Moore's "Underage" Porn Costarred a Gentleman Named Commando, Was Reportedly Produced by Kimbo Slice's Manager

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The hardcore porn starring Bieyanka Moore-- who was actually a 15-year-old runaway, according to a lawsuit filed by her mother-- was distributed by RK Netmedia, owner of But according to the mother's attorney, Mark A. Glassman, it was produced by LLL Advertising, Inc., the company owned by "Icey" Mike Imber-- manager to MMA fighter Kimbo Slice.

Glassman says that LLL will soon be added to the lawsuit's defendants.

Imber, a publicity-averse Miami character whose LLL Advertising has a long working history with RK, didn't respond to an e-mail for comment. RK Netmedia's attorney, Stuart I. Grossman, also refused to comment.

As we reported Monday, Palm Beach Shores resident Sherrita Smalley claims that her daughter, who we're calling C.S., was featured in the porn last August, when she was only 15. RK Netmedia claims that C.S. showed a Nevada learner's permit showing that she was 19 at the time. She's currently under juvenile custody in that state, apparently for possessing a bogus ID.

And thanks to you, dear reader, we now know the identity-- or at least the stage name-- of the porn star filmed having sex with Moore.

After we posted his photo and asked for your help, one reader pointed us to its mystery star: Chris Commando, better known as just Commando, who dabbles in both gay and straight porn, according to this totally NSFW link. The tattoos match.

We will continue to update this story as we learn more.

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Bieyanka Moore is just 15 year old and she start to do the work on porn industry. I watch her hardcore porn video. She is underage and she do the illegal work.


Its alledged that icey mike imber owner of a local broward dade porn company was partnered with icey realty to help bring in new girls to film porn,the owner of icey realty has some legal history themself.I just want to know how a 15yr old was filmed and sexual used by him and his company and no legal action has been taken by the local police.

Role: Julia Rabolli Defendant, Case Number: 99-9622-57, Status: SERVED, Service: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, Paper Type: EXPARTE TEMP INJUNCTION,PET,AF, Court: CIRCUIT/BROWARD


If the tatoos match that would mean you are in possesion of the underage porno and should be prosecuted...


Porno = singular, porn = plural.


Not true.Porno = Outdated general term for pornography, Circa 1965-1995 Porn = Contemporary phraseology.

Whoever said that the difference between the two was a "singular/plural" thing is an idiot who likes to make shit up- including shit that catches on and people start to believe

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