Billy Corben Stumps for Luther Campbell On Sid Rosenberg

How about a debate between Uncle Luke and Vicious Sid?
While making the local radio rounds this past 4/20 promoting his latest epic documentary, Square Grouper, Rakontur auteur Billy Corben articulated his unwavering support for Luther Campbell's mayoral campaign on Sid Rosenberg's 560 WQAM show.

"This is the first and only opportunity to see an African American as mayor of Miami-Dade County," Corben reasoned. "And you will not see a more legitimate transparent candidate. He is the only candidate that you know anything and everything about."

Corben's stumping left the Brooklyn-born loudmouth speechless for a few seconds. But not long enough. "Billy, I you have ties to the University of Miami and I know Uncle Luke is Mr. Miami and he loves the school," Rosenberg countered. "But you can never vote for a guy like Luther Campbell to run for anything."

The filmmaker stood by his candidate. "I can and I will," Corben said. Then Rosenberg whined that Campbell has not come back on his show to admit that he was wrong about Randy Shannon. "This man did not have balls to come back on here," Rosenberg hissed. Sounds like fighting words Sid. In fact, it looks like he and Campbell have reignited their Twitter tempest:

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Does someone running for mayor have to release their financials? I'm interested to see how Luke has done for himself.


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I wonder how Uncle Poop's going to balance the budget? Is he going to streamline government and cut unnecessary bureaucracy? Yeah, he's really going to solve the dire fiscal issues in Miami-Dade County.


"This is the first and only opportunity to see an African American as mayor of Miami-Dade County,"

Not true.

However, Luke has my vote.

Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

Well, LC does seem to know a lot about Miami-Dade county's issues and problems, unlike the other candidates running. The voters actually know a thing or two about LC and have very little background on the rest of the candidates. I just don't see the point of voting for another rafter when all they do is screw things up more. Its the same old same old with the rafters. Miami-Dade county is in a crisis right now and needs new leadership.

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