City of Miami Could Lose $1 Billion Over Ten Years Due to Low Census Count

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Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado and U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen want to make sure everyone in Miami is counted. The two are demanding that the U.S. Census Bureau recount the number of City of Miami residents it tallied in 2010. The feds say only 399,457 residents live in the city, which is about 30,000 fewer than estimated. That difference could cause Miami to lose out on more than $1 billion in government funding over the next decade.

According to the South Florida Business Journal, Regalado and Ros-Lehtinen believe the Census Bureau might have undercounted immigrants and residents of new condo towers.

"I am requesting the Bureau performs a complete and accurate population recount," Regalado said at a news conference. "The funds that Miami loses due to an undercount will ultimately affect the quality of life of our city and the most vulnerable and neediest of our residents."

Citing figures from the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Regalado believes Miami could lose $1 billion in federal money until the next census is taken in 2020.

Though chances of success in getting a recount are very slim.

Similar challenges brought by local governments across America resulted only in a net gain of 2,700 total people being added to the count in the entire nation after the 2000 census.

For two Republicans, Regalado and Ros-Lehtinen sure do want to make sure that federal government squeezes out that extra billion. Think about our debt, you guys!

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Dumb 600 employees
Dumb 600 employees

Mayor Regalado is inexperienced. Miami is again facing bankruptcy. Regalado should read the tea leaves and fire 600 employees.

Fire disgraced CFO
Fire disgraced CFO

If Tomas Regalado really wanted to help Miami he would fire disgraced CFO Larry Spring.

Money for mr and mine
Money for mr and mine

Mayor Regalado just wants money to give to his friends. Quality of Life? Only if he means his quality of life.

Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

"The funds that Miami loses due to an undercount will ultimately affect the quality of life of our city and the most vulnerable and neediest of our residents."

Oh, really, Mayor stupid? Since when do you care about the "quality of life" of the people of Miami?

"Regalado and Ros-Lehtinen believe that the Census Bureau may have under-counted immigrants and residents of new condo towers."

So why again did these idiots build those ugly-as-hell monstrosities costing the city BILLIONS?! How about that new Marlins stadium? Former Mayor Diaz not only RUINED Miami's downtown skyline but he put the city's economic status in the sewer. Now these idiots are paying the price for something the city can't even afford!! Had these assholes not built those ugly ass condos, chances are the "under count" percentage of the residents would never have happened in the first place. These Miami politicians are lower than whale shit. Oh, sure, then these republican idiots have the nerve to criticize the president that he is spending too much. In that case, Miami is a prime example of what the after math is like for spending more than a budget can support!

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