Gloria James Allegedly Yelled, "Take a Boat and Go Back to Your Country"

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LeBron James decided the best place to take his talents was South Beach, but it might not have been the best place to take his mom. A witness told TMZ that Gloria James yelled xenophobic slurs the night she was arrested for slapping Fontainebleau valet Rockefeller Sorel, a Haitian immigrant.

The witness claims that besides calling Sorel "a f***ing n*****," James also screamed, "Take a boat and go back to your country."

Oh, Gloria, that is so not cool. More than half (55.5 percent) of the population of Miami Beach is foreign-born, and 50.9 percent of Miami-Dade residents are foreign-born. Yet, and I know this might be difficult for someone from Ohio to grasp, this is their country.

Sounding like a particularly anti-immigration Republican lawmaker from Arizona really won't make you many friends or get you good PR in this town, Gloria.

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Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

So LBJ decided to take his talents and his mother with him to South Beach. Something tells me Gloria just had a little too much to drink during that night of the incident.


This is a pure ignorance! As a big Miami Heat fan I suggest James to spend his money to educate his mom first. Make your first donation for your mom's education.


I am not defending her but when we are really angry in a situation like this, even if your wrong you will use the most hurtful thing you can find verbally or physically. Most people will use the verbal abuse and someones ethnic background, race or religion is the easiest one to use. Most of use have been guilty of it, lets not kid our self. Lets stop putting these celebrities and there family on pedestals. They are humans like you and I and some will do dumb things except most of us won't make it on the news because we are not celebrities and this stuff goes on everyday everywhere.j


Most of us are broke. They are not. We can afford to pay for our mistakes but they should. Spread a little love.

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