Gloria James' "Victim" Plans Lawsuit

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When Fontainebleau valet Sorel Rockefeller got slapped by Gloria James, the mother of LeBron James, instead of seeing stars he must have been seeing dollar signs. He's quit his job and is now considering a lawsuit against James. He's also been to a doctor and plans to visit a chiropractor.

Oh, come on dude, you get slapped by a drunk woman in her 40s who couldn't even stand up straight. The only thing you deserve is an apology.

"Yes it did," Rockefeller, a Haitian immigrant, told CBS4 after he was asked if it hurt when James slapped him. "This was very bad. You should not slap people in this country. I have been a valet for three years and have been at the Fountainebleau since September. This is the worst thing that's happened to me."

Really, the worst thing that's happened to you?

"Then she said shut up and she slapped my face," he stated. "That's when she fell down on the ground. The reason she was upset was because it was taking awhile to get her car."

Rockefeller also claims that James repeatedly screamed "Do you know who I am?" during the confrontation.

Rockefeller has quit his job, hired an attorney, and plans to sue James.

Yes, she just happens to be the mother of a very, very rich man. But, really, her slap hurt so much you have to see a chiropractor? People get slapped by drunk, middle-age woman on Bravo all the time, but somehow none of the various Real Housewives have managed to end up at the chiropractor. Rockefeller, please!

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Just because this drunk woman has access to a son's money, doesn't mean she can't be liable for assaulting another person. This guy has every right to bring an action against her. If she's got money, its simply his good luck if a jury awards him damages. Sometimes an apololgy just won't do it chum.


I wishwould have slapped me! My feet you have started to hurt. No one has the right to put there hands on someone else. she better be glad she didn't hit someone in a car while she was driving. Sue the shit outta her Rockerfeller! Its the American Way!


Chiropractor visit may be a little extreme, but the bottom line is, the guy was assaulted by a drunk woman who was prepared to get behind the wheel. Charge her with assault & battery, drunken disorderly conduct, DUI. Throw the book at her. This is NOT reality TV.


Too bad she didn't slap Tony "The Bitchmaker" Spinelli who would have strangled her old wrinkly arrogant ass. What about DAT, LeeBrawn? Get a grip on your 'ho.


Sorry, my bad. She supposedly had a designated driver. So, no charge for DUI on her, other than the one she got in Cleveland, 2006.

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