Video: Haitians Protest New Deportations

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About two dozen Haitian Americans protested new deportations of alleged criminals outside the immigration building on Northwest Seventh Avenue this morning. Authorities had suspended the flights for more than a month after a 34-year-old Haitian American man with only minor crimes on his record had died days after arriving on the island. Today's protest was led by activist Marleine Bastien, who speaks in the video. I wrote a column about a month ago on the deportations, pointing out disparities and describing the criminal backgrounds of a couple. 

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Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

Is there anything more racist than the Cuban Adjustment Act and wet foot/dry foot policy?


I am sure there are more rascist policies that exist in this world but here in Miami it is definitely a plaque that will lead to an economic downfall. There are many Cuban born and Cuban Americans that don't know the least bit about racial oppression because this region has been socialized, organized, and governed by their own for the last twety-plus years. They have no idea what is like to be called a "spic" , "or "indian" " or be burnt by cigarretes just because you are a few shades darker than them. I am Brazilian-born, raised by American parents and all my life have been challenged and sometimes harassed about "where I was from". Therefore that leads me to believe beyond a reasonable doubt that there is a resentment and racist propaganda that exists here in Miami and which is uneccessary, uneducated, and unjustified. I admire the Haitian people for their resilience and will continue to work for their economic support and social equality here in Miami.

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