Hank Adorno Is A Bad Man, Part III: The Final Chapter

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Hank Adorno can't be a lawyer for three years.
Last time we checked on Hank Adorno, the once prominent Miami attorney was indefinitely suspended from practicing law after a Florida Bar investigation found he had violated nine bar rules.

This week, the Daily Business Review reports the Florida Supreme Court decided to suspend Adorno for three years, the harshest punishment short of disbarment. Among the charges was that Adorno breached his fiduciary duty to Miami property owners by making false statements in court, charging excessive fees, and representing one client to the detriment of others in a botched attempt to end a lawsuit aimed at abolishing the city's controversial fire fee. Adorno's law firm received about $2 million from the $7 million fire fee settlement.

He has been on indefinite suspension from lawyering since last October. In it's 43-page opinion, the justices wrote: "After considering the factual findings, the totality of the misconduct, the rules violated, the standards, and case law, we conclude that a three-year suspension is the appropriate sanction."

The DBR also reported that Adorno's law firm did not survive the fallout, dissolving this past March 31.

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Manny Diaz scheme
Manny Diaz scheme

What happened with the Bar Investigation into former Mayor Manny Diaz?

Joe Artiola?

Manny Diaz?
Manny Diaz?

Hank Adorno was only able to pull off this crime and collect 50% of his $2 Mil fee with the help of Manny Diaz and Joe Arriola. Why wasn't Diaz disbarred?

Manny Diaz disbarred?
Manny Diaz disbarred?

Former City of Miami Mayor Manny Diaz should have been disbarred for his role plotting the scheme to defraud the taxpayers.

Pigs get slaughtered
Pigs get slaughtered

Greedy pig.More greedy pig lawyers need to get busted.

Hank Adorno. He should have turned in Manny Diaz and Joe Arriola to get a lighter sentence.

Firm closed. That's a plus.

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