Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina Leads In Bundled Contributions

Just call Julio Robaina the Bundle Master.
The race to become the next mayor of Miami-Dade County is turning into a costly affair. The three alleged front-runners, Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina, former county Commissioner Carlos Gimenez, and ex-state Rep. Marcelo Llorente have raised a combined $1.2 million according to their first quarterly campaign finance report. And there is still a month to go before the election. Of course, that amount of cash usually requires some exceptional bundling of contributions.

Robaina leads the pack in that category. A tip of the hat to former Miami Herald reporter Elaine de Valle, who went through the Hialeah mayor's report to find his top donors, which cut down on our own research time. After the jump, we've listed the top ten contributors to the Robaina, Gimenez, and Llorente campaigns:

  • Roberto Cayon, $38,000 for Robaina. The former founding president of Hialeah's Ready State Bank has partnered with the mayor on several real estate deals.
  • Martin Caparros, $18,000 for Robaina. A Miami Lakes real estate developer has also done business with the Hialeah politician.
  • Bilzen Sumberg, $12,050 for Gimenez. The downtown Miami law firm represents many clients that do business with Miami-Dade County.
  • Yoram Izhak, $12,000 to Robaina. A businessman who owns and operates amusement game sites in Miami and Hialeah that Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito alleges are used for illegal gambling.
  • Jeffrey Berkowitz, $5,500 for Gimenez. The real estate developer who built big box retail shopping centers at Dadeland North in east Kendall and Fifth Street and Alton Road in Miami Beach.
  • Tibor Hollo, $5,000 for Gimenez. Condo developer who helped build the Miami skyline with his projects.
  • Big Sugar, $4,500 for Llorente. The Fanjul brothers and their affiliated companies back the former state legislator.
  • Alan Potamkin, $4,000 for Gimenez. The auto dealership magnate is seeking to redevelop a portion of NW 7th Avenue in Liberty City where he owns several car sale lots.
  • Oliva Cigar Co. $4,000 for Llorente. A family-owned cigar making business in Miami Lakes.
  • Ronald Book, $3,000 for Llorente. The powerhouse lobbyist who represents numerous private clients, as well as Miami-Dade County in Tallahassee.
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you could have had the same job,what if your son,daughter,mom had this job.you would not like whats goin on.so stop hatin


do u work for hialeah.you could have gotten the same job we got if you did not have a criminal record.an got the same benefits.so all you people thats talkin about us stop being a hater.what if your mom,dad ,daughter,son.had the same job what would you haters say then.nothin

Greedy gov't employees
Greedy gov't employees

Public employees get paid too much. Retiring at age 46 with $6,000 per month for life?

George Burgess screws up the County and gets $1 mil PLUS $20,000 per month for life?He's only 54?

Defined Benefit pensions should be banned by governments.


@UF1993: Correct. From every objective level, Robaina is running an amazing "dog and pony" show of a campaign. He's swatting off a HUGE investigation like he's being unfairly targeted. Unbelievable. And at what point do Robaina's supporters back off? When he's actually indicted for fraud? When he's incarcerated AFTER being elected mayor? I just don't get it...here's a mayor who tried to destroy public worker pensions (except his own) and will now receive $150k a year for 14 years of service? How many nurses, sanitation workers, etc., can claim that?


I am starting to think that Robaina has modified his name. Probably more accurate to call him Julio Roba (steal in Spanish), than the full Robaina.


i can agreed more with you my friend, you said it just right. and im the proved, we are now getting a 17% cut of our paycheck including our retirement money, lots of old time workers retired because they do not want to lose their retirement money, so they were forced to leave,thanks to robaina.

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