Hialeah Teen Drowns After Daredevil Jump into Lake

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Rescue workers pulled the lifeless body of a 15-year-old boy from a lake in Hialeah today after the young boy attempted to jump into the lake from a bridge. Resuscitation efforts proved ineffective, and the boy was pronounced dead at Palmetto General Hospital.

Someone called police after the saw several teens jumping from a bridge at McDonald Park at 7505 W 12th Street at about 11 a.m. this morning. When police arrived several of the teens scattered, but one of the boys was unaccounted for according to a witness.

Divers searched for the boy, but do not know how long he may have been underwater before they found his body.

According to police, the boy had been suspended from school, and that was not why he was in class.

The lake is fenced off from swimmers, and there's a $100 fine for jumping off a pedestrian bridge which crosses over the water.

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I recently went their for a kids b-day and I'll you this that park is not really kid friendly.


Decades ago...Milander era perhaps...some shady operator dug that rockpit smack dab in the middle of a residential area and a few blocks away from Hialeah-Miami Lakes High.

Why the City of Hialeah felt the need for a rockpit there is beyond me.

For years McDonald Park consisted of a small playground area and a huge fenced off lake.

Nice use of land!!

Now there's a water park (which is an improvement), but that bridge was a bad idea.


Would you jump off the bridge? There are signs all over the park and a HUGE FENCE. This current park is a major improvement from what it was. I used to work there. 2004-2005. Kids would cut class and swin in the lake. Protocol was for us to alert the park manager and he would run out and tell the kids to take a hike or the cops would be called. By the time someone got out of the aquatic center to the bridge the kids had already been in the water several times. I mean IDK I really hope ppl learn a lesson here and it doesn't turn in to a blame game. Whatever.


interesting history and a lesson to learn from.

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