Leonard Abess, Miami's Most Generous Banker, Named Chairman of University of Miami's Board of Trustees

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Remember Leonard Abess, the former banker who sold his company and gave $60 million to his own employees? Well, he's just been named the new chairman of the board of trustees at the University of Miami. 

While most other bankers were busy screwing over the American public in ways that helped lead us into this depression, Abess sold his City National Bank of Florida for $945 million back in 2008 and generously gave bonuses to his employees (that's every single then-employees plus 72 former employees) that totaled $60 million.

Abess was invited to sit with the First Lady during President Obama's first address to congress, and was singled out by the president for his generosity. Abess also collected accolades from the press including a spot on the Time 100 and our own award for Best Citizen in our Best Of issue. 

Abess has served on the board of trustees at the school for sometime, and today was named as the new chairman. UM's board includes a virtual who's who list of local power players including Phillip Forst, Adrienne Arsht, Norman Braman, Alfonso Fanjul, and some people like A-Rod, Bernie Kosar and Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson's Ex-Wife. 

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Thomas Davis
Thomas Davis

terrific,Quality old line Miamian's with pure, good hearts & deeds. TIDE ferrari racing,Palm Beach.-- Save the MIAMI MARINE Stadium !

Sleazy lobbyist
Sleazy lobbyist

Mr. Abess is a great man but the UM Board still has that sleazy lobbyist Mike Abrams on it's Board.

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