Luther Campbell is Now an Art Film Star Too

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We've got a theory that mayoral candidate, New Times columnist and 2 Live Crew visionary Luther Campbell is becoming something of a Miami hipster icon. For one thing he's a New Times columnist. He's also been hosting parties at downtown haunt Grand Central. Now he's lent his acting skills to an upcoming short for the Borscht Film Festival directed by celebrated Wynwood artist Jillian Mayer, a winner of this year's Miami New Times MasterMind award,  and co-produced by Rakontur.

Watch the teaser-trailer for the Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke below.

Mayer, the young local artist who gained attention for her "Scenic Jogging" short that gained entry into the YouTube Play Creative Biennial at the Guggenheim, is an unlikely collaborater for Luke. But then again, Luke really dosn't do much "likely" these days.

The entire short will premier April 23rd on the final night of the Borscht Film Festival at the Knight Concert Hall at the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Does this mean a vote for Luke in the mayoral race is now a vote for local arts?

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What? Oh brother

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

everybody that running for mayor is cuban but one is not (Luther “Luke” Campbell you got my vote)

they need to fired all nepotism workers form the city.

Someone should tell them Cubans aren’t even the biggest Hispanic voter group

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