LUX Nightclub Shut Down, Owners Evicted After Failing to Pay Rent

For a club named "light" in Latin, LUX was less than transparent
Call it the curse of 1439 Washington Avenue. When it comes to South Beach nightclubs, this address is deadly.

​Like Suite, Apple, Liquid, and a half dozen other clubs to occupy the same space across from Española Way over the years, LUX nightclub is no more. Earlier this month, a Miami-Dade judge issued a final judgment of eviction against the club's owners for falling over $150,000 behind on the rent. The now defunct nightclub is also facing a lawsuit by a waitress claiming she was stiffed out of thousands of dollars in tips.

On April 1, a Miami-Dade judge awarded possession of both LUX (1439 Washington Ave.) and its recently closed, controversy-ridden downstairs sister club Shock (1437 Washington Ave.) to the landlord, McCrory Associates, LTD.

Court documents show LUX had failed to comply with a court order to pay at least $156,916.30 in outstanding rent. The Miami-Dade Sheriff's office arrived the next day to padlock the popular club before it could open for a Saturday night party.

Co-owner Bob Jeffrey says the club's closing is "tragic."

The interior at LUX, now shut down - perhaps permanently.
"A combination of things made it impossible to sustain the rent," Jeffrey says. Chief among them: self-proclaimed French nightclub impresario Julien Manival's disastrous attempt to open Shock nightclub below LUX.

"Frankly, that's one of my problems," Jeffreys says of Shock. "There is possible litigation there. I took some heavy losses with Julien not honoring his agreements with me."

But LUX was facing more problems than Manival's debts and unpaid rent. In a lawsuit filed March 21, a former LUX bottle service waitress claims that the club stiffed her out of thousands of dollars in tips. LUX didn't even bother to pay her an hourly minimum wage, the lawsuit claims.

"They took more than 50 percent of our tips," says the waitress, who asked for anonymity since she is still working in the nightclub industry. "I had disagreements with them over everything: scheduling, pay, everything. So they just gradually took me off the schedule. It was unfair."

No word yet from McCrory Associates as to whether they will try to re-open the club or pass the star-crossed location off to another entrepreneur.

LUX's sudden closing is just the tip of the shady South Beach club iceberg, however. As we reported last month, Shock secretly re-opened for business even though Manival hadn't paid dozens of vendors for their work to refurbish the club.

Then, of course, there was last week's revelation that a handful of SoBe clubs were actually fronts used by Eastern European mafia to lure wealthy tourists and steal their money.

We're sure there's more shadiness out there. Send any Miami nightclub tips to:

LUX Eviction Judgment

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Lenny Jacobs
Lenny Jacobs

 Tsk tsk. These are reasons why bookkeepers and accountants are hired, any business establishments should always have a record of finances in order to keep track of expenses and  profits. The owners should have found ways to be able to minimize expenses as well, like utility expense, in order to prioritize rent expenses. Starting a night club business is not a piece of cake, it should involve a lot of planning and adequate finances in order to achieve good results. And that definitely includes avoiding any business illegalities.Starting a night club business is not a piece of cake, it should involve a lot of planning and adequate finances in order to achieve good results. And that definitely includes avoiding any business illegalities.

Two phonies John David Colleates & Jeremiah Kobelka also contributed to lux downfall as they falsified financial records to attempt to purchase club and. Further damage it's ability to operate as they stole money and they forged checks are attempted to swindle the company from mr Jeffrey a few months back leaving the company in ruins as they were removed for there lack of ability to purchase because they lacked equity and Executed down right dishonest business practices. Gerry Kelly also was a key player in draining lux of it's ability to operate giving kickbacks and prefered service contracts to former friends and colleagues who were part of MI6 downfall. News to the wise don't deal with any of these three scum as they are he reason all that lux was fell apart.


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To the above thread, I completely hear that, Gerry Kelly is the worst business operator in Miami Nightclub History, he is not only a scam artist but he conveys his long standing reputation as a top notch "in" guy with thousands of contacts, when the only thing Gerry can do is spend money erronously on paying his close friends a outrageous salary for services either unrendered or performed extremely poorly. Its unfortunete whenever a business gets brought down by the people who were suppose to help it be sucessful.


John David Colleates and Keremiah Kobelka just fucked over us. He is a con artist. He came to our town, made a restaurant and stole all the money, never paid us and they have NO money. We need to get these guys in prison.  


Ahhh....... so that guy Jeremiah and his partner opened a place in New Haven called Pic-Nic Today. It was opened for 2 weeks. I passed by Friday (12/2) and he doors were locked, and a sign saying "Closed for Repairs" was in the window. Oh, did I forgetting mention the 10 staff people out front waiting for this Jeremiah and the other owner to ask about the future of the restaurant, as well as their useless payroll checks?

J was approached by this Jeremiah guy about working there (I cook and was walking by wearing a chef's jacket). So when I hear and read about these things it angers me. The hospitality industry is a lot of work on a good day, with a lot of good hardworking people involved who rely on their paychecks. To put in the kind of work involved in opening a new restaurant, and then be told it was a scam just sucks.

I hope these 2 guys get criminal charges.


Kacie,I've contacted an employment lawyer, you want in??

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