Mayoral Race: Gimenez's Own Poll Shows He's Losing to Robaina

Miami-Dade mayoral candidate Carlos Gimenez's campaign has released a pretty flawed poll, and even that show's he's trailing former Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina. Though, the poll does show that Gimenez is losing ground. The major problem here is that this is an eight-person race, and the survey only asked about two candidates.

The poll was taken April 13 and conducted by Dario Moreno. The poll shows Robaina with 26 percent of the vote, and Gimenez with 20 percent. 54 percent are "undecided" or possibly committed to a candidate not mentioned in the survey. Here's the breakdown:

The poll shows Robaina with a pretty major lead in Hispanic voters, while the "Anglos" and "Blacks" as they're called here sligthly favor Gimenez, but most are undecided (or, again, voting for someone else. Uncle Luke perhaps?).

While the campaign is non-partisan, Gimenez's rhetoric errs to the right, but he seems to do better amongst Democratic voters.

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It is our opportunity to repeal the tax increase and truly reform Miami-Dade County Government. My vote is for Julio Robaina, leadership, experience and transparency. MD county needs a complete change.


What a biased way for the MNT to spin the results, which show Gimenez gaining ground and Robaina losing ground.

Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

Wow, only hispanic this and that. Then its "anglo" this and that. Its more proof that blacks are still the most oppressed minority group in Miami-Dade. When one has a conversation about politics in Dade county, its either between cubans or anglos. Blacks are still being ostracized. Asians are no where to be seen on this not even bi-racial people. Whatever happened to "diversity" that you people from Miami-Dade preach so much about? As much as I know, Miami must be the least diverse major city in Florida. Wake up people racism is still alive and kicking.


Julio would hire a real pollster, not a fat two faced has-been.

Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson

Wow, Takes a man to post the results of a POLL that favors the candidate. I wonder if Julio would have done this??? I doubt it..

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