Miami-Dade Transit Director Harpal Kapoor Steps Down Amid Financial Scandal

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Add the position of Miami-Dade Transit director to the increasing number of county jobs the new mayor will have to fill when he replaces recently recalled Carlos Alvarez. Harpal Kapoor, the current director of Miami-Dade Transit who was appointed by Alvarez in 2007, has decided to step down from the position amid a financial scandal in the department.

According to the Miami Herald, the feds suspended about $185 million of funding for the department over allegations the agency was mishandling its money. Last month, Kapoor refused to sign a letter admitting that financial information he gave to the Federal Transit Administration was "neither fully accurate nor complete."

Kapoor made $242,602 a year as director.

His agency, which was also under fire for mismanagement, allowed several of its workers to campaign for Mayor Alvarez on the clock in the recent recall election.

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This guy was no rafter but instead a condescending prick. Don't let the door hit you on the way out douchenozzle.

Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

Oh, good, give the job to another rafter instead. First it was the superintendent of MDCPS, the Miami police chief and now it will be the Miami-Dade transit director all controlled by rafters.

Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

Apparently you can't comprehend what I was referring to. I never said Mr. Kapoor was a rafter. Now, the person getting his job in the near future I can venture on will be a rafter. Case closed.

Julian Munoz
Julian Munoz

He wasn't kicked out, but are you saying he should just stay because he isn't Cuban?! Have you followed where the department is? These sort of bigoted comments make me question where you're coming from. Kapoor is stepping down for a reason. The department is a mess and he's showed poor leadership. It was a corrupt "rafter" (Alvarez) that gave Kapoor the job in the first place.

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