Miami Dolphins Draft Florida Center Mike Pouncey

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The NFL Draft was last night. And in keeping with the tradition of playing it safe, the Miami Dolphins used their fifteenth overall draft pick to select center Mike Pouncey from the University of Florida.

It isn't an especially noteworthy or exciting pick, unless you have a thing for spending your team's first rounder on centers that snap the ball twenty yards over the quarterback's head. In which case, you should be doing the Tom Yorke Lotus Flower dance.

The Dolphins decided to forgo drafting a quarterback, running back, or other position player and went with the highest rated pulling guard on their draft board. Sexy? You bet!

Pouncey, whose identical twin brother plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is considered one of the top offensive guards coming out of college, and it's possible that he could play at center like he did for the Gators, or be moved to guard. While he's a solid player, he did have a lot of trouble snapping the ball from the shot gun formation.

The Dolphins' interior line needs help, no doubt about it. And now it's better.

It's a good, safe pick. So we should all expect another exciting season of shitloads of field goals and punts. HIGH FIVE!

Now if the Fins want to get a quarterback, such as Ryan Mallett or Andy Dalton -- both of whom are still available -- they're going to have to trade back into tonight's second round (Miami gave up their 2011 second rounder when they traded it to Denver for wide receiver Brandon Marshall).

Do they think either of those guys are worth it? The standard pretty much seems to be any quarterback that is less terrible than Chad Henne. So you never know.

We'll have to wait and see if they load up on position players for the remainder of the draft.

It's all part of the Dolphins plan to remain as boring and bland a football team as possible.

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Really dislike this pick not because he's a bad player, but because i don't think you could pass on a talent like Mark Ingram, while still getting value like Pouncey's in later rounds. But then again since when do the Dolphins draft picks ever make sense lol...

Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

Another reason why I don't pull for these losers. The Dolphins SUCK and still have no QB or coach.

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