Obama Is in Miami Today (and Might Mess Up Your Drive Home)

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President Barack Obama will be in town today to deliver the commencement address to Miami Dade College's North Campus graduates at the James L. Knight Center. Which is great, but unless you're graduating from Miami Dade, there's nothing really in it for you except maybe some bad traffic.

Yes, a presidential visit brings presidential traffic.

Last August, I happened to be on my way to the gym and was about to cross Collins Avenue when a bunch of police motorcycles blared by. President Obama was making his way from a quick late lunch at Jerry's Deli to the Fontainebleau for a fundraiser.

Though seeing the presidential motorcade traveling on an iconic road like Collins Avenue was pretty epic, I was sure glad I wasn't one of the many drivers stuck behind it.

Obama is scheduled to deliver his address at 7 p.m. and will arrive at Miami International Airport at 5:35 p.m. He's scheduled to depart from the airport at 9:05 p.m.

Traffic around the airport is expected to be delayed around both the arrival and departure. Traffic in downtown Miami is expected to be slowed as the president makes his way to the Knight Center during the height of rush hour.

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Show Us Your Transcripts!!
Show Us Your Transcripts!!

Inspirational address...? There's nothing inspirational about our Liar-in-Chief, the laughingstock of the world!! He's an empty cheap suit who can't get anything right and is quickly sending our country into the toilet. He's the worst President in United States history and should be ashamed of his muslim/socialist self...! What a terrible example for the "future bright minds" of our nation...

Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

Good for our president. We need his inspirational address to our future of bright minds.

_ _ _| || |_ |_ __ _| _| || |_ |_ __ _| |_||_|

_ /\| |/\ \ ` ' / |_ _| / , . \ /|_|/

Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

You're an idiot. You were the same people that kept babbling on how Obama is not an American, well, the shits backed up on you now and its overflowing. Now you go about calling him a Muslim and a socialist. What a typical response from a tea party member.GFY

Show Us Your Transcripts!!
Show Us Your Transcripts!!

Another dumb shit with his head up his ass... Don't lump me in with the TEA Party, not a member. You're one of the morons on the left who blindly follow your leader, it would be funny, but it's very sad that there are so many "blind" Americans who can't think for themselves. Just another Barry soundbite from the teleprompter for all you sheeple, never mind that man behind the curtain my simple friend...

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