Ronald Miranda, Wanted by the FBI for Murder, Hid in South Florida for Decades

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How did Ronald Miranda (L) escape murder charges in California to become Florida City restaurant manager Richard Gamble (R)?
In this week's New Times, we unravel the mysterious double life of Ronald Miranda AKA Richard Gamble.

Back on November 15, 1980, Miranda allegedly mowed down the man he found sleeping with his wife in the small town of Los Banos, California. Thirty-one years later, Miranda -- with a new name and social security number -- was finally arrested after threatening to kill his employees at a seafood restaurant in South Dade.

How was Miranda/Gamble able to avoid the authorities for over three decades? And what caused him to flip out in Florida City, blowing his cover after a lifetime on the run?

Check out this week's Metro section for answers.

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Let us know how he got a new social security number as well. I could use one of those.

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