Serena Williams Is Now a Rapper, We Guess

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Between Gloria Estefan, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, and Fergie, the Miami Dolphins owners' box has more musical talent than a Now! That's What I Call Music CD. In fact, besides Stephen Ross and Wayne Huizenga, the Williams sisters are the only "owners" without a musical connection. Apparently, though, that's about to change, because according to TMZ, Serena Williams is set to embark on a rap career. Oh, boy.

Reports TMZ:
We're told Serena hit the studio last week to lay down a few tracks... and is working with a record label owned by Minnesota Vikings star Bryant McKinnie.

During the session, we're told Serena did some work with renowned hip-hip producer DJ Clue ... and she wasn't half-bad.
Considering Williams has been dating rapper Common, we figure she must have some respect for lyricists. Then again, consider the track record of athletes-turned-rappers: Shaq, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, the Seventh Floor Crew. Yeah, you have a right to be wary.

However, if she can turn out a remix of the Dolphins' theme song that's better than the one T-Pain did, we'll deem her rapping a success.

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Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

There is more talent on the Miami Flukefins owners' box than there is on the entire team. That does not include Stephen Ross or Wayne Huizenga.

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