South Florida Homeless Men Viciously Beaten For Cash In Fetish Video Ring, Lawsuit Says

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Tampa homeless advocate G.W. Rolle had a mystery on his hands. For months he'd noticed homeless men wandering around a local park with black eyes, busted lips and bad limps. Finally, he got one man to open up: For $50, he said, a local fetish website had been paying the men to endure vicious 12-minute beatings on camera by beautiful -- and sometimes topless -- women.

Now Rolle tells the St. Petersburg Times he's filed a lawsuit to stop the site,, from orchestrating any more bum beatdowns.

"I was shocked when I found out what was really going on," Rolle tells the paper. "It's incredible what people will do to each other."

But Jeff Williams, the owner of Shefights, says the suit is bogus and the men have been coached to say they were abused.

"These men are crack addicts and will say anything for money," Williams tells the Times, adding that the men came back repeatedly for new shoots, so their participation was "consensual."

Rolle says that many of the men have mental health problems and substance abuse problems and didn't realize what they were signing up for. 

The site offers "custom videos" for up to $900 of scantily clad women beating the shit out of men.

Although Williams says the homeless men featured in the videos were there willingly, Rolle provided the Times with graphic photos of brutal-looking whip marks on some of the men's backs. The men weren't paid if they fought back or quit before their 12-minute session ended, they say.

Here's the description of this week's featured video at Shefights, "Extreme Punishment Beating: Cindy and PC Guy":

Cindy puts PC Guy through 27 minutes of pure hell. Dominating him physically and mentally, and breaks him down to a crying, broken wreck. She also managed to put everything into this video, including hard punches and kicks, knees and elbows to the face, ballbusting, and painful submission holds.

This is the hottest beatdown we ever did. Cindy looks unbelievable in her pink bikini, flowing long dark hair, and toned body, and she taunts PC Guy and plays to the camera throughout.

Williams says he plans to countersue Rolle and the homeless men for damaging his reputation.

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Jennifer Cook-SASS
Jennifer Cook-SASS

These people are looking for ways to make money and even the ladies are younger looking and may not even know that these men are homeless. Seems like a lot of lies and deception are involved here. This posting was on craigslist asking for hott women to be paid to be on video kicking a guys ass or kicking them in the balls!! Really, am this is not winning!!


The guy probably lacks standing to sue.

This is simply a case of "two consenting adults" that everyone loves to cite.

Jinle Hu
Jinle Hu

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What's the lawsuit over? The men agreed and were paid.


I'm not so sure he is. A homeless man can't sue a liquor store for selling him alcohol, but he can willingly accept $50 to get punched for 12 minutes and then sue? Why is someone who sells something harmful insulated from liability, but someone who pays for harm, liable?


Read the second paragraph again. An advocate for the homeless is filing suit to stop the posting of the videos, not the homeless men themselves.

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