Video: Uncle Luke Signs His Life Away in the Church

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Jacob Katel
You read the Bible?
"I'm signing my life away in the church," Uncle Luke said as he prepared his election documents for notarization.

The reality candidate sat in the headquarters of WMBM radio studios in the New Birth Baptist Church close to his Liberty City birthplace.

"I'm gonna need God on my side. I'm gonna need all the prayers I can get. So I came here today for a press conference, but it's very appropriate for me to sign these documents here in New Birth, the church of the community.

"Y'all don't understand that. Y'all folks that look at New Times don't... understand that.

"Right now, I'ma throw my name in this hat, in the fire. But, y'know, I'm one of those Jesus disciples."

Check the video to see Luke get emotional.

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The President
The President

He looks like he's in a police station getting arrested!


Leave it in God's hands Mr. Campbell, it will work out...

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