Watch Protestors Dance the "Tax the Rich Shuffle" Outside Carnival Headquarters

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Photo by Tim Elfrink
To celebrate Tax Day, the folks at Right to the City and decided it was high time to combine the best traditions of 1985-era Chicago Bears dancing and progressive lefty political agitation. The result? Behold the "Tax the Rich Shuffle."

William "The Fridge" Perry was sadly not involved, but a hundred or so protesters did mass around the Carnival Corporation's headquarters in Doral this afternoon to bust out the protest dance. The reason? They say Carnival got away with paying a measly 1.1 percent federal tax on its highly profitable business.

Organizers, including the Miami Workers Center and the SEIU, said the protest was meant to highlight the discrepancy between the tax burden on individuals and giant corporations.

"We've been most affected by this recession, a recession that we didn't cause," said Hashim Yeomans-Benford, a community organizer with Right to the City and the Workers Center. "They make money off our backs then they get bailed out."

Between all the dancing, MoveOn members presented a giant "tax bill" to Carnival's security workers to be delivered to management, for $240 million they say is owed to the feds.

(Riptide asked Carnival if they wanted to comment on the hubbub outside their front gates. A spokeswoman hasn't gotten back to us yet -- we'll update if she does.)

Update: Carnival spokesman Tim Gallagher sent along this comment on the protests:

Carnival Corporation & plc operates in international markets with 10 global cruise brands and is not a U.S. company. As such, much of our income is earned outside of the U.S. and therefore are not subject to U.S. income tax. However, it should be noted that we pay hundreds of millions in fees and taxes at ports all over the world including U.S. ports where our ships call.

Here's the dance!

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Perpetuating hate for the rich is no way to advance as a society. Large corporations employ thousands. In just employment tax, they pay more than ALL those that protested today. Did these people take a day off of work (costing their companies money) for a futile protest? Do they think ANYTHING will change with a dance and a song? How many of these protestors are living off the gubmint?

Seriously, today was a hot day. To stand out in that heat in black shirts to make asses out of themselves is beyond me.


Maybe I am missing something here but all these people protesting about Carnival not paying enough in Federal taxes, why are they not at work? Is, today, a federal holiday? Or, are these people pissed because they rely on that tax money and are afraid they might have to get a job? Or, maybe, its a rhetorical question - based on the people dancing?

Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

How are these people making asses out of themselves? They have a right to voice an opinion about the greedy corporations just as much as everyone else does. Corporate America has always been greedy and its time someone spoke up! The only people making an ass out of themselves is you and your troll friend Caeser the grease ball.

Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

Caeser (such a wetback name), these companies like Carnival avoid paying any taxes. Like this Miamimom said, the government could use these tax dollars to put thousands to work. You're an idiot to assume these people don't have any jobs and/or rely on government welfare. Not only are you an idiot, you're very ignorant and possibly a racist. Also, I hope you don't mind corporate America oppressing you some more by taking your tax dollars. That is if you pay any taxes.


@ Caeser, ironically what these companies avoid paying in taxes is what the government could use to put thousands back to work. I believe you depend on these tax dollars just as much as they do. Your assumption shows your inability to see who is really robbing you, corporations not the community.


You call me a "racist" but, yet, you use a derogatory comment such as "wetback" - who is the idiot? If you really want to breakdown this down, the main reason they are able to avoid paying taxes are through loopholes put in place by our government. If you want to make a point, then rap and do the jig like a bunch of animals in DC. Fed dollars at work, seriously? How many jobs have left this country? Yeah, some have come back but not because board members thought its was a cool idea to relocate because spring is beautiful in IA this time of year. If they did return to the U.S., it was nothing short of tax-breaks given from the top(feds) all the way down to municipalities. Did you know that many corporations have found loop-holes in our tax-laws by just housing their corporate name in another country, just the name with an address? You schmuck! But, yeah, that's the corporations fault, right? Such a tree-hugger comment, corporate America oppressing. In closing, statistically, I bet 2 out of 5 of those people are unemployed and love entitlements. GFY!

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