Andre Pierre Wins Reelection In North Miami, Proving That Accountability Is Already Passé

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Andre Pierre: unbelievably, still North Miami mayor
What a difference two months makes. In March, members of the Miami Heat were crying in their locker room; now they're poised to kick the Celtics out of the post-season. Back then, Donald Trump was flying high. Now everyone knows his presidential credentials are faker than his hair piece.

But time doesn't always translate into progress. March was also a high water mark for democracy in Miami-Dade, with Carlos Alvarez's ouster ranking as the largest local recall in U.S. history. Accountability, it seemed, was all the rage.

It didn't last long. Last night, North Miami mayor Andre Pierre was reelected despite a string of controversies. Hell, voters didn't even force a run-off.

According to The Miami Herald, Pierre received 52 percent of the vote ahead of Carol Keys and Jacques Despinosse.

As the incumbent, Pierre was always the favorite to retain his seat. But over the past year, his decision making -- and candidacy -- seemed to go off the deep end.

Consider the following flubs:

  • After last year's earthquake in Hait, Pierre collected $100,000 but apparently never sent the money to his devastated homeland.
  • Last fall, Pierre began driving a $100,000 Porsche to City Hall. When asked where he got it, he initially said he "couldn't remember" who lent it him.
  • In January, the mayor was again lampooned for handing out 43 fake police badges to friends and supporters, despite only having an official staff of three. After costing tax payers $4,000, the badges were ultimately melted into scrap metal.
  • Most serious of all, in March prosecutors charged Pierre's campaign manager, Ricardo Brutus, with accepting $4,000 in cash in exchange for having an item removed from the city council's agenda.
  • Finally, last month Pierre's wife released a video in which a Keys supporter called her sexual and racial epithets. Although the video reflected most poorly on Keys, it also called into question Bernadette Pierre for chasing someone around North Miami in a SUV with one hand on the wheel while filming on a cell phone.

We're not saying Pierre's unfit for office. But after the stink that was made over Alvarez, a run-off in North Miami would have been the least to expect.

What happened to accountability?

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Deport Haitians
Deport Haitians

Haitians would elect a Haitian serial killer over Mother Teresa. No wonder INS wants to deport Haitians.

Rafts go both ways
Rafts go both ways

Rafts need to return to Haiti. Haitians cannot handle being In the US. Pierre ? Ick.

Haitians elect another crook
Haitians elect another crook

Haitians will never get any respect from Hispanics or Anglos if they mindlessly vote for sleazy crooks just because the crooks are Haitian.

Haitians electing Pierre as a Mayor makes a mockery of the election process.

Grant Stern
Grant Stern

Anyone driving a nice Porsche shouldn't be held accountable for anything. That's trickle down economics in action!

Ryan McGrath
Ryan McGrath

This guy's driving around in his earthquake-funded Porsche, hittin' disastrous rails of coke off the dash, picking up North Miami gutter pussy and all the while he's flashing in his $1000.00 suit?! Where can I download the forms to run for mayor of North Miami in the next election?


The internet has obviously made it to the double wide. I agree with you buddy, kick all them foreigners out so you can have your sister all to yourself.


you people are crazy, jealous and obnoxious never insult my nationality ever again. you must be a cracked head douche 

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