Bieyanka Moore Underage Porn: The Identity of Her Agent, Co-Star, and Damn Near Everybody Else Involved

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The house where a hardcore porn starring "Bieyanka Moore" was filmed.
A new court filing has exposed the identities of the adults involved in the production of a porn film that is believed to have starred a 15-year-old runaway-- and even reveals the address where the shoot happened.

Over repeated objections, Mauricio Botero, chief operating officer of Miami-based RK Netmedia-- owner of responded to a list of questions demanding details about the production of C*m Fiesta in a lawsuit filed by the mother of a Palm Beach Shores runaway, who is identified in the case only as C.S.

Let's get started, shall we?

Bieyanka Moore's agent was New Jersey-based John O'Byrne. Reached by phone, O'Byrne confirmed that he worked as Bieyanka Moore's rep but said only: "I cannot speak to you about this matter."

Last July 23, O'Byrne emailed porn director Ashley Billington advertising the services of a new starlet-- "Stage Name: Bieyanka". O'Byrne claimed that her birthday was November 19, 1990. That's actually the birthdate of Tyler Chanel Evans, the Las Vegas-area exotic dancer who claims her ID and social security number were stolen by C.S.

On August 13, "Bieyanka" showed up with O'Byrne at the filming location, a $1 million four-bedroom house at 1500 Northwest 118th Avenue in Plantation. The home, which can be seen in a real estate listing here, is owned by 1500 Plantation, LLC, a company registered to Jeffrey Greenberg.

According to state corporation records, Greenberg is the manager of Reality Kings, LLC.

Think the neighbors know that they're living next to The Porn House?

According to COO Botero, Bieyanka and O'Byrne were first turned away from the shoot because she had only the Nevada license to prove her age. They "returned later the same day" with a social security printout from a Fort Lauderdale government office coinciding to the name Tyler Chanel Evans, and the starlet was allowed to proceed.

We had already figured out that her partner for the shoot was prolific bi-sexual porn star "Chris Commando". The court filing reveals his real name: Fernando Marrero. He's 25. We left a note on the door of his large house in a gated Miramar community, but Marrero hasn't gotten back to us.

Joe Gonzalez and Joshua Brown were the guys whose job it was was to make sure that the film complied with over-18 standards. Like Billington, their address is listed on Botero's court filing as 1031 N Miami Beach Blvd. That's the address of LLL Advertising, Inc.

Though C*m Fiesta was disseminated by Reality Kings, it appears to have been produced by LLL, the company owned by failed MMA fighter Kimbo Slice's manager-- and noted diamond-loving white guy-- "Icey" Mike Imber.

While we're naming names, we might as well round out the credits. Cynthia Dalagis and Myted Ontivero-Moreno in the make up and wardrobe department, take your bows.

We've embedded the document below.


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this is the so biased... you feel the need to expose everyone - even the make up artist??? But of course the girl who RAN AWAY, STOLE AN ID, and LIED to everyone, is completely guiltless? Yes, she was 15, but 15 year olds can be charged with murder. She isn't a child who was sold into the sexy industry against her will. She is a young woman who chose to commit crimes disregarding the fact that her actions would not only have consequences for herself, but everyone else involved. 

Another article laments the family's plight at not being able to remove their daughters porn off the internet, but denies the families any responsibility in the whole scenario. How is it so easy to question the morality of these people who were fooled by a faked ID (which let me point out, happens ALL the time at clubs and bars, so it's not like these people were the first ever humans duped by a young WOMAN lying about her age in order to do something "adult" whether it be making porn or getting wasted and sleeping with an older guy - the only real difference being that the one from the bar probably never finds out.), but not the morality or legal responsibility of the family who raises a daughter who feels comfortable stealing another person's identity, and having sex on camera for money, while putting many people at risk?

I'm not blaming the family either, I'm just pointing out that this article is quick to judge anyone associated with the porn industry, but overly forgiving of everyone else involved. 

Michael Tancredi
Michael Tancredi

"They 'returned later the same day' with a social security printout from a Fort Lauderdale government office coinciding to the name Tyler Chanel Evans, and the starlet was allowed to proceed."

That's odd.  According to the Social Security office, the only thing they print out is a receipt to confirm that you completed an application for a Social Security card :

---------Can I get a Social Security card from a local office?

You cannot receive a Social Security card from a local office because we do not print them onsite.  We print Social Security cards in a secure location.

If we successfully process your completed application for an original Social Security card and you need to know the number quickly, we can notify you by phone as soon as it is available.

If you already have a Social Security number and your employer needs to verify your name and Social Security number immediately, he or she can use our online Social Security Number Verification Service or call our Telephone Number Employer Verification.  If these options are not acceptable and you need immediate proof you applied for a Social Security card, we can give you a receipt to confirm you completed an application and will receive a Social Security card.  Simply ask for one when you take in your completed application.

Source :

But in order to get even that from the Social Security office, she would have needed additional documentation to establish her US citizenship or legal immigration status.  AFAIK, all those documents include a date of birth.  Something here doesn't add up ...


alledgly icey mike imber uses other girls to bring him new girls to shoot its apparent that age doesnt really looks like one of the companys and people that maybe helped arrange new girls is icey realty in broward.I wonder if icey realty helped negotiate and or pay for the shoot locations and I can guess that they helped some of the girls get places to stay etc. some more investigation is in order.

Michael Wind
Michael Wind

10 years ago there was a man kenny romano who lived in bay harbor islands that made movies like that right across the street from elementary school he was a good friend to the police,vivid videos,maybe we can ask some of them.....did this company had occupational license and paid business tax,ask the miami beach city hall,and see who was responsible,town manager,town attorney,lets clean up the corruption....


I'm sure that the last thing a legit porn company wants is this type of publicity or scandal. If there is anyone here to blame, it is the girls mother for not being a good parent, the girls agent, and you guys should do an investigation on how easy it is to obtain a valid ID with someone elses info from the state of Nevada. Not to mention how she got a Social Security card as well. You should investigate that!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara Marks
Sara Marks

Underage porn in America, what a joke. Wanna see your innocent twelve year old little girls spreading it, sucking their boyfriends, gurgling? Just get a newsreader and log onto a newsgroup that has alt.binaries.teens and other alt.binary groups. There they are in full color - broadcast right from their own bedroom cams in YOUR house Mom and Dad. WAKE UP!

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