Bill Nelson Will View Osama Death Photos, Marco Rubio Opts Out

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Regular people will probably not see Osama bin Laden's final glamor shots, the one featuring a bullet hole somewhere in his face. At least not any time soon, but a select group of congressmen will get a chance to view those photos. Because Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio serve on the Senate Intelligence Committee, both of Florida's senators have a chance to view them, but only Nelson will exercise his option to take a peek.

"I can tell you that I know that Osama bin Laden is dead," said Rubio on CBS according to Naked Politics. "Al-Qaeda has admitted it. If Bin laden's not dead, why doesn't he produce a new video proving that he's not dead? We need to move beyond that right now."

Nelson however will take a gander according to a spokesman.

Though, he's got to take a bit of time out of his day to do so. Any congressman wanting to view the pictures must make an appointment and then travel to the CIA's headquarters in Virginia.

Oh sorry Bob, can't have lunch today. Gotta travel up to Langley to look at graphic pictures of a dead guy. Actually probably won't be able to have lunch for the rest of the week after that."

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Grammar Nazi
Grammar Nazi

 Kyle you forgot a quote before oh sorry bob


Of course Rubio would believe Al-Queda before he would believe Obama. There aren't many people in Washington that are facing reality right now. Get us out of this recession you scumbags and stop the tax cuts to the rich and the oil companies...... please!

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