Chris Bosh Sues To Keep His Ex, Allison Mathis, Off Basketball Wives Reality Show

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​Chris Bosh hand-delivered a giant turd sandwich against the Boston Celtics this weekend, shooting three of ten from the field for 7 points. But cut the guy some slack. He may have had other battles on his mind.

Bosh filed a lawsuit yesterday against his ex-girlfriend and a TV company in L.A. to prevent Allison Mathis from starring in the next season of the trash-tastic VH1 hit Basketball Wives.

Mathis, the mother of Bosh's young daughter, has apparently been hired to star in the third season of the Miami-based show, at least according to his lawsuit.

Gossip blog TMZ had reported a few months ago that the Heat star was fighting to keep her off the show, but apparently those efforts failed.

Now, Bosh says Mathis is "misappropriating" his image by starring in the show without his consent.

"Though the reality show is called "Basketball Wives" [emphasis added], the featured women on the show are not the current wives of NBA players," the suit says. "(It) provides these women a vehicle and worldwide platform to use, without permission or authorization, the names and/or likenesses of professional NBA basketball players."

The suit, which also names Shed Media, the show's producer, asks the court for damages and an injunction against using Bosh's likeness, image or life story in the program. Bosh also wants to prevent the show from "publicly disclosing details about (his) private life."

Good luck with that one, Chris!

Here's the full suit, via Courthouse News Service:
Bosh Suit

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Well, given that the show is called "Basketball Wives" and that some of the hos are not really married to the gentlemen in question, looks like Chris has a good case. NOT!!!

Seriously, how ignorant can one overprivileged milliionaire be? Chris, it's TV, OK? And we also have this pesky thing called freedom of speech - you shoulda paid attention in school. Any competent judge will put the kiBosh on this one (sorry, couldn't resist).

The good news is the solution for Bosh is pathetically simple. Just offer your baby mama twice what the show is paying, problem solved. Money talks so that she ain't. Chris, surely even you must have learned that lesson by now, right?

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