Couple Arrested for Driving Under Influence of Whippits in Keys

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Whipped cream is usually meant for fun, but our frothy little ice cream topping friend has a very dark side. The nitrous oxide is a well known source of a cheap, temporary high, and a couple driving through the Florida Keys with two kids in the backseat were arrested after doing a few "whippits" while driving.

Jamie Bernard, 28, and Francesca Fleming, 22, were pulled over on Wednesday night in Big Pine Key after police got a report about a reckless driver holding a whipped cream can according to NBC Miami. An officer tried to pull the car over, but Bernard and Fleming stopped the vehicle, ran out, and tried to throw the empty cans in the trash.

Police eventually recovered the cans and detained the couple. Bernard admitted that he was using the gas in the cans to get high while driving.

The 2- and 5-year-old children in the car did not belong to the couple, but Fleming claimed she was their caregiver. Though, she also told police that she is three months pregnant with her own child. Police found needles in her purse, and Fleming admitted that she was an intravenous drug user.

The children were turned over to their parents, and the pair was arrested for child abuse. Hopefully they, especially the pregnant Fleming, gets the help she needs. In the meantime, we'll probably be too depressed thinking about this to eat anything with whipped cream.

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Draconian measures are called for here.  She should be required to abort the pregnancy (since it is likely the fetus has already suffered irreversible damage) and have tubal ligation, and he should be forced to have vasectomy.


All The world is getting crazy day by day :)


I feel for them, Monroe County is NOT the place to fool around, they make up the rules as they go along down there. Heck, they will arrest you for asking a stupid question. The Keys motto, Arrive on Vacation, Leave on Probation, Come back on violation lol


Put them both in jail for a long, long time and if she is pregnant, take the baby away as soon as it's born... 


How can you "feel" for these bottom feeders? Getting high while driving with kids in the back seat is one of the worst things a person can do. She claims to be pregnant and is a drug abuser, I "feel" for that unborn child (if she really is pregnant).

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