Does Julio Robaina Buy Black Candidates? Luther Campbell Says Yes

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Jacob Katel
Wait, no, don't say it
Julio Robaina is like a Cuban Fonzie, the dude stays cool under pressure. But that doesn't mean he isn't up to no good.

At the liveliest public forum we've seen so far in the County Mayor's race, the NAACP debate at the New Birth Baptist Church, Luther Campbell accused Robaina of paying off black candidates in his run for power.

Luke almost got physical with candidate Wilbur "Short Stop" Bell, a self-made millionaire from Perrine, and claimed that Roosevelt Bradley was bought and paid for too.

Here are the video highlights from Luther Campbell at the debate.

"In my opinion, I think Mr. Robaina bought off Mr. Bradley, Mr. Gimenez is too nice to buy off anybody, so I think Mr. Bell is bought off by Mr. Robaina as well. See cause Mr. Robaina got a lot of money. He can buy off everybody up here but me."

"You only showed up at two forums," said Luke to Bell.

"It's crooks that run county government, meaning African-American politicians that are paid off by special interest groups, and that's a problem. So, I'm the only individual who's gonna step up to em' because I'm not a political insider, and I do not take special interest money."

And here is a bonus clip where we find out that apparently nobody in the whole county thinks the Marlins Stadium deal was a good one:

And make sure to read this week's feature story on Luther Campbell, where Francisco Alvarado takes you inside the Luke for Mayor campaign as only New Times can tell it. Also be sure to stop by for tons more videos documenting the run.

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Luther, you are now the prostitute as you were bought by Robaina.


Mr Campbell accused Julio Robaina of buying off the black vote.  Please explain to me what he just did endorsing Mr Robaina has he read the paper. Has he seen how he treated the Hialeah employees.Has he check out how he illegally fired the 16 firefighters. He made alot of families suffer for no reason with no pay for 6 months. I hope he understands Mr Robaina's word means nothing unless he is promising appointments or favors. To that I say GOOD LUCK. Has he checked out how he treated the community of Semonolia in Hialeah. I have heard he did nothing for that community which has been there as long as I can remember. He needs to verify that. I really thought more of him then this. Now I know.


The same group that was passing out Robaina palmcards in my precinct were also passing out Bradley palmcards. The same people who fed the two Robaina supporters also fed the Bradley supporter.

Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

So who are the idiots that actually vote for another corrupt scumbag like Julio Robaina? You DID recall Carlos Alvarez for this same exact reason. Miami-Dade is for losers.

Robaina for handouts
Robaina for handouts

Julio Robaina demanded the county commissioners vote for the one-sided Marlins fiasco. Robaina favored the Marlins.


 Julio's commitments include transparency from start to end. He continues to be endorsed by more committees and associations throughout Miami Dade. "

Our vision for Miami-Dade County of greateraccountability, lower taxes and genuine reform is gaining significant supportfrom diverse sectors of throughout our community"


Robaina's support for Century Bank (rated 0 by the FDIC), a failing bank tied to political favors, support for building a reverse osmosis plant on his friends land to his benefit, loan sharking, tax evesion, lying about support for the Marlins stadium, placing illegal billboards on blighted buildings, etc etc etc have been nothing but hidden completely from public scrutiny by the criminal Robaina. He has attempted to be the least transparent Mayor in the history of Florida. He is currently endorsed by building groups eager to increase sprawl and further lower depressed property values by building without need, and quasi political groups dedicated to laundering campaign funds without oversight. Robaina is the reason we need reform, not the solution. He has raised the ad valorem tax by double digits twice since he's come into office. He's also lied about his resume and educational experience multiple times, never enrolling in college, despite claiming a business degree from the University of Miami.

Keep Hialeah Julio out of office, Miami doesn't need more criminals in office.....

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