Family, Friends, Poets, And Supporters Remember Will Da Real One

Poet King Willie Lee Bell was killed on May 29
A woman cried out: "Why God? Why did you have to take Will? He was a good man!" Her friends embraced her and wept along with her. A light sun shower sprinkled them, as if Will Da Real One was sending a message from up on high to them and the more than two dozen people who came to show him love and respect yesterday during a sunset candlelight vigil.

Relatives, friends, poets, and fans of slain Miami poet Willie Lee Bell were outside his spot, The Literary and Poetry Lounge, where he was inexplicably and brutally gunned down by an unknown assailant in the early morning this past May 28.

Catch Poettis (real name: Katrina Holder) reciting a soulful eulogy praising Bell's guiding influence in her life and other scenes from the vigil in the video below:

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Damn...The dude was a great poet. He appeared on HBO Def Poetry Jam. Saw him perform at Mello Mondays a couple times when it used to be at The District, the old Piccadilly, in the Design District. He was awesome. Condolences to his family and friends. That's a true loss to Miami

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