Florida Legislature Gave $1.5 Million to Lobbyist Ron Book's Daughter's Nonprofit She Didn't Even Want

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Republicans up in Tallahassee are so used to giving money to things associated with Miami-based power lobbyist Ron Book that they ended up giving $1.5 million to a nonprofit run by his daughter Lauren Book that she didn't even ask for or apparently need. The odd moves came as those very same politicians were yapping about fiscal responsibility and wallet tightening.

In an actually useful story, The St. Petersburg Times reports that the younger Book's nonprofit Lauren's Kids, which aims to protect kids from sexual abuse, was awarded $1.5 million to "24-hour abuse hotline and pay for sexual abuse prevention education in schools." Thing is, that Lauren's Kids already does both of those things and wasn't asking for any money to continue doing so.

However, Book's nonprofit did ask for $3 million to finance a program to help victims of sexual abuse relocate, but that wish was never fulfilled.

Despite slashing $3.8 billion from the budget, Senate President Mike Haridopolos agreed to finance the relocation program. Then during the last day of the session the Florida house came along, halved the money, and decided it should be used for something else entirely.

Though, both Books will take the money.

"While I recognize the interest in writing about this, I don't want anyone to think it's simply plopped down without a need,'' Ron Book told the paper. "This is one of the most underfunded and neglected areas of Florida's budget."

House legislators didn't think $3 million would cover all of the program, and could interfere with funding for similar programs so changed the money at the last minute.

"Even Ronnie Book was not happy,'' Sen. Mike Fasano said. "The relocation program was a priority of his... I don't know why they did what they did at the end, but it was a take-it-or-leave-it kind of thing."

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Whatever happened to Feds investigating Ron Crook , that was reported in New Times Broward several months ago.... 


Com'on. Maybe she "didn't" want the money but "MAYBE" he did.


Knowing of Lauren Book's commitment to the cause of educating both children and parents about the prevention of future sexual abuse and the healing of those who have already suffered it, I am quite certain that the funds will be well and faithfully spent.  While her foundation may not have asked for the funds, I imagine it is inaccurate to state that the funds are not wanted.  With a wide-reaching program up and running, including her work in the public schools, I believe this will be money well spent.  


Ron Book and his daughter are the creators of "Bookville" in Florida, which was a leper colony under the Julia Tuttle bridge that had over 100 offenders at one time.  He helped lobby for the laws to create that leper colony, and then, when the fires got started, used tax payer money to shut down the leper colony and move the offenders into hotels/motels.  A couple weeks later, the offenders were then denied housing because the money ran out, so they moved to the DOC parking lot.

It appears everyone in Florida might be in bed with each other.



Don't you know the GOOD OLE' BOYS down in Florida take care of their own.. with millions paid out here, millions tacked to bills there.. everyone down in Good Ole Florida take care of their own.. Just ask Mark Foley...hey told the FBI to leave all his computers alone.. when he was caught in sexting with a little teen boy.. and they did...MARK FOLEY TOLD THE FBI TO BACK OFF AND THEY DID... So, why would you think Good OLE' Boy Ronnie would ever get a conviction, a felony conviction in the state he RULES?

You must not live in, or not be from Florida! Florida, As corrupt as Louisiana!

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