Florida Unemployment Hits Lowest Level in 19 Months, But Tops 13 Percent in Miami-Dade

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Well, here's the "good" news. Florida's unemployment rate now sits at 10.8 percent according to numbers from the month of April. That's still stupendously high, and still well above the national rate of 9.2 percent. The bad news it that the unemployment actually rose in Miami-Dade in April, and is now at 13.1 percent.

he Miami rate is up from 12.9 percent in March.

The statewide rate fell from 11.1 percent in March, and hasn't been that low since September 2009. The state had hit a recent record of 12 percent unemployment ack in December 2010, so things are slowly improving. It's the fourth straight month the state rate has declined.

That doesn't do much good for us locally though. Miami-Dade only added 10,000 new jobs in April. That's down from the 11,900 new jobs added in March.

Though, the rate increase may be a small step backward on a long walk to recovery. Some economic indicators show that South Florida may have already hit unemployment rock-bottom and signs look good for a slow recovery.

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Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

Hmmm... must be all the sleazy idiots that you losers down in Miami-Dade put in power every election. You vote for shitty politicians, suffer the consequences.

County overpays employees
County overpays employees

Miami-Dade County was paying it's last County Manager $422,000 per year. The current temporary County Manager gets $300,000+ per year. George Burgess is an idiot.

Hard working private sector employees pay such high taxes they can't add employees.

Excessive taxes
Excessive taxes

Businesses can't hire new employees. They are being sucked dry by excessive taxes. The excessive taxes are demanded by Miami-Dade County so it can pay massive pay and benefits to it's 28,000 employees.

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