Garrett Wolfe, NFL Running Back, Arrested For Skipping SoBe Bar Tab, Fighting Cops UPDATE

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via Miami-Dade Corrections
We've all been waiting for this moment: the day South Beach claimed its first NFL lockout victim. Because even when pro football players have a job to go to in the morning, they manage to get arrested on Washington Avenue at a rate that would make Rod Blagojevich blush.

Take away all those annoying morning practices and minicamps and you're left with Garrett Wolfe -- Chicago Bears running back, alleged SoBe bar tab-skipper, cop-fighter, and bloody mug shot-taker.

Update: According to the police report, the fight took place at Cameo over a $1,572 champagne tab, and Wolfe, while fighting the cops, taunted them, "Let's compare our bank accounts."

Wolfe was arrested early on Sunday morning when he refused to pay up at an unnamed South Beach club at Cameo and then got into a brawl with bouncers and Miami Beach officers who responded.

''He became aggressive while being ejected by bouncers, and two off-duty officers were summoned,'' Beach PD spokesman Det. Juan Sanchez told the Chicago Sun-Times. ''They gave him the opportunity to settle his bill, and he refused. He attacked one of the officers. Both officers suffered minor injuries.''

According to a police report, Wolfe refused to pay the $1,572 tab he'd racked up for three champagne bottles, telling a bouncer, "Fuck you, I'm not paying for shit, I run shit here!"

He fought MBPD officers who responded to the scene and refused to be handcuffed, the report says.

Wolfe's face, meanwhile, looks to have been put through the cheese grater.

The running back isn't a huge name in the league, but he's a four-year pro with the Bears and was a star at Northern Illinois University.

Ironically, he had just complained about life under the lockout to the Sun Times last week.

'I'm one of those guys caught in limbo,'' Wolfe said. ''I've finished my fourth year; technically, I'm a free agent. But with no [collective-bargaining agreement] and under the terms from last year, I'm not a free agent, so I'm caught in between. If we get a CBA figured out, I'll be a free agent; but if we don't, I'm not a free agent. I'm just stuck in between.''

Limbo, apparently, looks an awful lot like a South Beach club with a huge unpaid bar tab.

Here's the police report:
Wolf Ere Port

Here's Wolfe's messed up mug for a better look at who won that fight with all the bouncers and cops:

via Miami-Dade Corrections
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Cameo sucks
Cameo sucks

Typical. Cameo owned by Luis Puig has bouncers beat up customers.

Want to get beat up? Go to Cameo.

Want to get killed and set on fire? Go to Club Space.


Entltlement again....."do you know who I am?"...yes I ignorant athlete that apparently is a cheap bastard...why didn't you just pay you bill my man?...NFL....Not For Long!....your three years are almost up so you can be just like us!...FOOL..wonder what that bank account will look like in four years...


awesome, ghetto fuckers who can run (from the cops) getting paid millions to be pricks and above the law.

And guess what, he wont even get punished for his outlandish aggravated narcissistic behavior, the judge will be like' you were on the bears'....'have a good day'....

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