How To Get Around Craigslist's Ban on Adult Ads: Offer "Pipe Cleaning" in Household Services Section

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Once a haven for free online escort ads, Craigslist has since cleaned up its act and banned any "adult" ads. That's not to say though that the site is all squeaky clean. Though this isn't as bad as a recent Village Voice story about buying heroin on the site, these "well hung handymen" in Broward who are offering their "pipe cleaning" and "hedge trimming" services seemed to have found a sneaky way of skirting the site's policies.

Here's a link to the original ad (which we can't verify as a work of deft parody, or, you know, a legitimate escort agency), and here's a screen cap in case it gets deleted.

​The ad was posted in the Broward section, but we're sure they'll probably travel down to Miami if the price is right. Lord knows someone needs to clean out your gutters.

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