Six Formerly Ridiculous Celebrities Who Went On to Public Office

Categories: Flotsam, Politicks
We know the inner struggle you're having. Whenever you picture yourself voting Luther Campbell for Miami-Dade Mayor, there's a little persistent soundtrack playing in your head that causes hesitation: Oh, me so horny...

So we put together this list to convince you that some totally ridiculous celebrities have gone on to be (arguably) quite competent public officials. Besides: What's wrong with a horny mayor?

By the way: We are overjoyed that Donald Trump will never be on this list.

Ronald Reagan
Public office: President of the United States, beardless Messiah to conservatives
Former ridiculousness: Actor who once co-starred with a monkey

Al Franken
Public office: U.S. Senator
Former ridiculousness: This is how a generation will forever remember Al Franken:

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