Leonard Hankerson is Super Pissed He Didn't Go Higher in the Draft

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For the third straight year not a single University of Miami player was selected in the first round of the NFL draft, which is a bit of a sore point for a team that still holds the record for most consecutive NFL drafts with at least one player taken in the first round. Especially considering that quite a few 'Canes were talked about this year as possible first round picks, including wide receiver Leonard Hankerson. He ended up being taken in the third round by the Washington Redskins, and boy is he really pissed about it.

Hankerson made his DC-area media debut this morning on The Sports Junkie show on 106.7 The Fan, according to SB Nation. He certainly showed up with that trademark Hurricanes swagger.

"Of course it does," Hankerson replied when he was asked if it mattered that he went in the third round. "Me as a player, I know I'm better than each one of those guys that were drafted before me."

So Leonard, does that mean you think you were the best receiver in the draft?

"Of course," he told the hosts. "I wouldn't say anything different. I think I'm the best receiver in the draft. Of course I do. I feel like I can make plays just like each and every other receivers do. I feel like I can block, run routes and go up and get the ball. I can make plays. I broke every single-season receiving record [at Miami] this year. I feel like I can do it all. I feel like I can be dependable. I feel like I can be someone the team can lean on to make plays for the team and do whatever it takes."

He then went on to make some ...well, let's not call them direct swings at Jacory Harris or Stephen Morris, but they weren't exactly compliments either.

"I set four different records this year with two different quarterbacks. It really doesn't matter about the quarterbacks."

We definitely think Hankerson is going to make a big impact in the NFL. Whether he's the best wide receiver of the class only time will tell, but we're just kind of sorry that an apparent major source of swagger has left the 'Canes locker room.

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The Canes' Swagger isn't INSIDE the locker room that the players are in... Its THE LOCKER ROOM that holds our SWAGGER.. No matter what year, what stadium, or position, there has always been players with swag ballin' at The Orange Bowl n JOE ROBBIE Stadium.. Our new look Canes are going to Take The NCAA by storm.......... There's a storm Brewing....


Too bad you didn't show up versus South Florida in that OT loss. Typical 'Cane from the last five years... All talk, no game. See you ladies in Tampa this season.

John Anthony Jordan
John Anthony Jordan

How many years did it take for you horned cows to beat UM? USF, the second class of Florida and the Big LEAST. Don't forget your conference was OWNED by the Canes for years and yet, you clowns can hardly keep it above .500 every season. Spare me the talk about that loss. USF is not Miami...not even half or 1/4 of Miami. Win some more Big East titles and National Titles first and then you can talk that fecal matter you speak.


Really, Hankerson should be happy he got drafted at all. Before his monster last season he couldn't catch a cold.

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