Luther Campbell Gets Perfect Marks on Gay Voters Guide, Robaina and Gimenez Don't

It's 2011, and the only candidate running for Miami-Dade mayor who is polling in the double digits to get perfect marks from Equality Florida's voting guide on GLBT issues happens to be former-2 Live Crew leader Luther Campbell. It's odd indeed. The leading candidates Julio Robaina and Carlos Gimenez either haven't made their stances on such issues public, or, in Robaina's case, publicly opposes marriage equality.

Here's the voters guide sent out by Equality Florida:

​While every candidate, with the exception of Marcelo Llorente, supports protections for citizens based on sexual orientation and gender identity and domestic partnerships, Uncle Luke is the only candidate who is pulling respectable numbers who told Equality Florida he also supports marriage and adoption equality, as well as declaring himself pro-choice.

Gabrielle Redfern and Farid Khavari, who are polling well behind the rest of the pack, also received perfect marks.

Robaina, Gimenez and Marcelo Llorente have remained quiet on several of these issues, while Robaina released a statement saying he wasn't in support of gay marriage, and Llorente voted against a provision for safe schools for LGBT students during his time in the Florida Legislature.

[via Gay South Florida]

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 We need a leader and we need leadership.My vote is for Robaina #25 and his formula: proven record, responsibility and transparency. "Greater accountability, lower taxes and genuine reform"


I saw his answers and this is the type of response needed for a non-partisan elected position that is the representing office for all residents:

Any Human Rights Ordinance found appropriate for one person shall then be appropriate for others. As Mayor, I will represent and respect all Residents of Miami Dade equally. My focus is to bring prosperity to all residents and I will not view residents as Republicans, Democrats, Black, White, Poor, Rich, Male, Female, Straight, Gay, Young or Old – To steer us from collapse, I must view everyone as one.   


That's the clincher! Two votes at our house for Luke! And Gimenez, by not answering, you have just lost 2 votes. Grow a pair, will ya!


 Even though I'm gay, it's the pro-choice stance that I'm looking at. That takes courage. 

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