Miami-Dade Election Results: Julio Robaina and Carlos Gimenez Heading to Runoff

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With all precincts reporting, former Hialeah mayor Julio Robaina and former county commissioner Carlos Gimenez will be heading to a runoff election to determine Miami-Dade's next mayor, to no one's great surprise. Meanwhile, the noble campaign of our own columnist Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell seems to have fallen short with just over 11 percent of the vote.

Robaina was the top voter getter with 33.66 percent. Gimenez wasn't that far behind with 28.83 percent. Robaina will definitely head into the runoff with more momentum (and money), but Gimenez can certainly still find a path to victory if he's able to siphon off enough voters from other candidates.

Marcello Llorente, the former State Rep, meanwhile only managed to get just under 15 percent of the vote despite nearly three years spent running for mayor.

Iin district 13, former state lawmaker and Hialeah commissioner Esteban Bovo will find a seat on the commission. He'll replace recalled commissioner Natasha Seijas. With about 73 percent of the vote he'll avoid a runoff.

The results of the race for the District 7 race, Gimenez's old seat, will remain secret pending the results of a lawsuit.

In the special election to fill State Representative District 110, the seat vacated by Bovo, Jose Oliva has won the Republican primary. With no Democratic candidate in the race, he will head to Tallahassee.

Voters also rejected a ballot initiative that would have put term limits on county commissioner and given them a higher salary by 70 percent.

In other news, holy crap are you watching this game?

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There is a Democratic write-in candidate vying for the 110 district seat.

Vote for Gimenez
Vote for Gimenez

As usual two Cubans are fighting for the Mayor's position.

Do voters want a Cuban who recommended they give the Marlins $3 BILLION (Robaina) or do they want a Cuban who thought the taxpayers could have gotten a better deal (Gimenez)?

Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

...And Miami-Dade county continues to be a banana republic. Wow I didn't see this coming. Did anyone else?

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