Miami-Dade's Black Commissioners Have Failed the People

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Alex Izaguirre
Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness once made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for
Miami New Times. This week, Luke -- who is a candidate to replace more-boring-than-bread-pudding ex-Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez on May 24 -- calls out Miami-Dade's African-American county commissioners and their consultants for selling out.

Miami-Dade's black county commissioners do nothing for the communities they represent. Audrey Edmonson, Barbara Jordan, and Dennis Moss think they're like gods and can't be removed from office. You see them only when the television cameras are on. They denounce criminals killing people or police killing unarmed blacks, and then return to their offices downtown.

Edmonson, Jordan et al. can't even provide the most basic services for Overtown, Liberty City, Opa-locka, Richmond Heights, and the other predominantly African-American neighborhoods. The streets are dirty and plagued by never-ending violent crime and poverty. In some places, such as NW 15th Avenue, there are no sidewalks. And it has been like that since I was a kid.

Instead, the African-American county commissioners are beholden to black political consultants/business entrepreneurs such as Dewey Knight III and others. Those strategists become involved in political campaigns to make connections so they can earn big cash lobbying for companies that want to do business with the county. They promise to deliver the black vote in exchange for a place at the table.

They complain blacks aren't getting a fair share, but only to get their cut.They win contracts for companies; then the commissioners don't have the decency to put black people to work on county projects. I will stop that shit. It is not just about giving an African-American 5 percent of the business. I'll require that African-Americans represent a large percentage of minority ventures' work forces. The first question I'll ask the black political consultants who double as minority partners is, "How many people are you going to put to work, chump?"

In the past 25 years, only one incumbent running for commission has been defeated. That was Dorrin Rolle, an African-American who had mismanaged millions of dollars for a nonprofit. Those other commissioners, though, win because of the huge amounts of money they raise and their corrupt consultants. After I'm elected mayor, I will campaign against those people.

And voters should support the term limits that will be on the ballot May 24.Then we can chase Audrey, Dennis, and Barbara from politics for good.

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Sandra Prince
Sandra Prince

Thanks Luke, it's been a long time coming. The majority of JMH workforce is black, but I don't see the commisioners working that hard to safe it.


Luke Quote: I'll require that African-Americans represent a large percentage of minority ventures' work forces. Response: That sounds good but it is meaningless without a plan to create a LOT OF jobs, 50% of nothing is still nothing. I was just looking at home values drops in Miami and they are worse than Detroit. Nearly 4 out of 10 houses in Hialeah, that haven't already foreclosed are over 90 days behind on their mortgage. Unemployment is on a rise and will continue to rise, so what makes this empty promise any different than the empty promises of the other players that you have mentioned? I am in favor of actions that make or allow improvements in peoples lives, but all things are better in a strong economy and that is where the focus should be. Luke could you be the spoke person for the black communities without you also taking advantage of them and filling them with empty promises? If so that is where you should focus, but currently we need people that can build an economy, under the circumstances that we now face. I just do not see that with you at this time. There is plenty for us all to get involved in, but without a supporting demand type commerce and the circulation of local credit to be able to create vast amounts of jobs, everything else that I am hearing is just baloney. Luke, I agree that several more commissioners need to leave. You have shown that you have talents and can conduct business, how about we kick one of those dead weights out of the way and I am sure one of these communities would love to vote you in as their local representative at the commissioner table.


Mr. Campbell,

You are focusing on race, so let me make a comment or two about racism in Miami. You are wasting time running for mayor because the Hispanics are only going to accept a Hispanic. Unless you start speaking spanish with a spanish accent and English with a spanish accent and you start hanging out on calle ocho, you ain't got an ice cube's chance. Another thing is, 15th Ave is a crime mecca. Now the people doing the crime are not white or Hispanic. Blacks sell drugs to each other, steal from each other, assault each other and kill each other on 15th. Conventional black politics is to blame whites and expect whites to stop blacks from sucking ourselves down a black hole. For decades this cycle has gone on. The black "leaders' complain whites are not saving blacks from themselves. Whites ignore the pleas or put out cheap fake solutions and all the while, literally millions of blacks keep disappearing down the same old black hole. You have a good amount of money. Most of us don't. Most people never have enough money. Lacking money is no excuse to engage in criminal behavior. In fact, you know better. What would be the quickest way for you to end up in the poor house? If you are caught selling drugs, the government assumes all your assets are tainted and they take everything. So a primary solution for low-income black people has to be to stay away from crime, not to use poverty as an excuse to engage in crime. My final point is related to the first two. We have conventions here in this community, old patterns of behavior that go back 50 years unchanged even today. This is where there is truth in Clarence Thomas. Unless and until we get people speaking up who are willing to expose the dynamics that keep blacks down in America in general and Miami in particular, blacks will continue to be down and depressed (sucked down that black hole). If you care, if I care, then we have to expose the dynamics and ALL the negative players, black and white, rich and poor, who keep the stupid game going. This community is going in the tank because too many people here believe you can use and dump most of the population and somehow South Florida, with all the potential we are throwing away daily, will still be some beautiful city full of beautiful people. The Emperor has no clothes baby! Look how nasty downtown Miami looks......


...and when you try to force contractors to ensure "that African-Americans represent a large percentage of minority ventures' work forces," you'll be breaking the law as usual.


And dumbass opinion articles like this are the reason you have NO shot at winning.


yep the black commissoners are do noting.edmonson,jordan,moss are my cousins.

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