Miami Named Top American City for Men to Vacation

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Bros would've had a better time vacationing in Miami.
Prepare for herds of bros to pack up their striped button up shirts, large supplies of Armani Acqua di Gio cologne, and $200 aviator sunglasses and wind up at our airport because has just ranked Miami as the number one city in America for men to visit. Sure, the site acknowledges all the Miami clichés (bottles, models, and beaches) but also claims that Miami is emerging as a much more interesting and culturally relevant city.

Miami came in third overall on's "Top 29 Cities to Visit" in 2011. Only Barcelona and Buenos Aires top us (giving the list a distinctive Latin flair), and Miami ranks third overall but higher than any other city on our continent.

All cities were ranked on a scale of 1-10 in the following areas: weather, cost, sports, food, accommodation, nightlife, women, buzz, history and exportability. Cost, with a score of 6.9, was our weakest area, followed by sports at 7 (apparently LeBron James himself can't get us into the 'B' range).

Though we get a perfect 10 for "buzz," which means "relevance of a city for men." Accommodations get a 9.5, and nightlife gets a 9.

"Now emerging from a major housing crisis that rocked its raison d'etre (sun and gloom don't readily go hand in hand), Miami has become a deeper, more interesting city as a result," writes the site. "While South Beach still satiates appetites for sex, sun and sand, the bright side of the condo bust is that tens of thousands of now-affordable apartments have created vibrant urban pockets on the other side of the causeways."

New York City, ranked fourth, is the only other American city in the top 10. San Francisco and Las Vegas also make the cut lower on the list, but mostly international cities are featured.

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lots of visitors choose Miami as a spot for vacation this place is really beautiful i love to visit this place someday with my family

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Miami has many beautiful spots travelers will surely visit this place i love to bring my family here to experience the beautiful views


Miami is a beautiful place that's why they prepare to visit this country they will enjoy visiting this place 

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