Pompano Beach Lesbian High School Students Say They Were Reprimanded for Holding Hands

Young couples holding hands in the hallway seems to be a normal part of high school life, including, according to students, at Blanche Ely High School in Pompano Beach. Though, a lesbian student says that the principal specifically reprimanded her for holding hands with her girlfriend only because she was gay. The principal even threatened the couple with suspension, and inadvertently outed one of the girls to her mother.

"We were holding hands, and our principal came behind us on the little [golf] cart, and he pulled our hands away and said, 'There's no holding hands around here,'" the 17-year-old student told WSVN.

She maintains that many straight couples engage in some light PDA in the halls and never face consequences and are certainly never threatened with suspension.

"He gave us a speech and then separated us before calling our parents, which was wrong," the other student told The South Florida Times. "My mother already knew but my friend's mom didn't know she is into girls."

The principal's action directly lead to outing the girl to her parents, but thankfully the mother was accepting.

"Sometimes, it's kind of hard to accept certain things," the mother tells WSVN. "Even for me, it's been very hard, but she is my daughter. She's not going to feel left out."

Though her mother thinks that the principal only decided to enforce the rule because the couple was gay.

The Broward School District says the principal is allowed to enforce such rules but did not address whether or not he may be applying the rule selectively.

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No No NO ....it is time to stop toiuching and start studying!  Parents what is your school policy on touching call the school and  TELL THEM enforce the rules ...no more social experiment ,,do that on your own time students but not on tax money in school,,,,Get an education in how to READ how about math and science...?????? 

Sacha Moufarrege
Sacha Moufarrege

I'm assuming this happened in the hallway between classes, not during study time. Part of school is to help people learn to socialize and interact with others. Get over yourself.

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