President Obama Speaking in Miami June 13 (Tickets Start at Just $250)

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President Obama is about to kick off his fundraising efforts for the 2012 election in earnest, and will stop by Miami on June 13 for the "Obama Victory Fund 2012 Kick-Off Reception with the President" at the Arsht Center. Obama will be addressing the crowd, but tickets don't come cheap. Prices start at $250 and go all the way up to $2,500 for front-row seats.

The event will be one of the President's first major fundraisers for his own re-election campaign. General admission tickets start at $250 for a limited time, and then bump up to $500. Floor seating starts at $1,000, and those front row seats are $2,500. Though, members of the Young Democrats and College Democrats start at just $44. You can buy tickets here.

The event is scheduled to start at 4 p.m.

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every one bring your poster broads n lets protest how much he sucks, and how Ron Paul is the the REAL hope of America!

Our Liar-in-Chief...
Our Liar-in-Chief...

Who wants to see our Liar-in-Chief read from a teleprompter with all kinds of bullshit about what a great job he's doing...? I'd love to see him debate Congressman Allen West of Boca Raton, he would have his ass handed to him in shame... Go back to Chicago with your thugs, obama... 

Our Liar-in-Chief...
Our Liar-in-Chief...

Are you any relation to the actor John Goodman...?(you look like you might be his son)

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