Details Slow to Come in Urban Beach Weekend Shootings

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Police surround a car in the first of Monday morning's two shootings. The driver was killed.
As the story surrounding the two early-morning Memorial Day police shootings evolves, numerous questions have been raised about the circumstances under which one person was killed and seven people injured.

Two separate shootings happened early Monday -- in one, a man was reportedly driving recklessly and shooting from his car; in another, a man was shot at but arrested unharmed after driving towards officers.

The first driver was killed, but Miami Beach Police Chief Carlos Noriega told the Miami Herald that no guns were found -- and said that the bystander injuries could have been caused by stray bullets from police.

In addition, a Palm Beach man is saying that a police officer threw him to the ground and smashed his camera phone when he was spotted filming one of the altercations. Details from the police are still few and far between, as investigators try to reconcile myriad reports before releasing any information, according to Miami Beach Det. Juan Sanchez.

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The details are slow to come because they ain't politically correct.

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