Red Light Ban Passes in Florida House, But May Falter in Senate

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Red light cameras are the absolute worst. Defenders says they make intersections safer, though study after study shows that lengthening yellow lights is actually much more effective. Though, yellow lights don't bring in money. (And lets be honest, for many local governments the red light cameras are all about the money.)

Well, the Florida House just narrowly passed a bill that would ban them.

The House narrowly passed the bill 59-57. Locally, Representatives Luis Garcia (D-Miami Beach), Carlos Lopez-Cantera (R-Miami), Ana Rivas Logan (R-Miami Dade), Jose Felix Diaz (R-Miami), Carlos Trujilo (R-Miami), Michael Bileca (R-Miami), and Frank Artiles (R-Miami) voted for the ban.

Representatives Eduardo Gonzalez (R-Hialeah), Barbara Watson (D-Miami Gardens), John Patrick Julien (D-North Miami Beach), Joseph Gibbons (D-Hallendale Beach), Richard L. Steinberg (D-Miami Beach), Daphne Campbell (D-Miami Beach), Cynthia Stafford (D-Miami), Erik Fresen (R-Miami), and Jeanette Nunez (R-Miami) voted against it.

The Buzz reports however that the ban may not pass in the Senate, if the body decides to take it up at all, as more politicians may be skittish to anger local governments.

You can always find your local state senators contact information here if you'd wish to inform them on your thoughts about red light cameras.

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The whole idea is to reduce injuries and deaths. Those who voted against this should not be in the public government as they are not looking out for the best interests of their constituents. Shame on them.

South Florida Gadfly
South Florida Gadfly

It would be helpful if at least one cite was provided to a study that indicates lengthening yellow lights make intersections safer. Yellow lights don't move traffic, and in South Florida, people would STILL run red lights.

Rev. Gerald M. Hayward
Rev. Gerald M. Hayward

In my opinion there shouldn't be red light cameras sometimes drivers like me just made a mistake - only time a ticket as serious as a $158.00 fine is if there was an accident happened That split second distraction that caused someone to run a red light shouldn't be a cause of a fine like that So to me I say get rid of the red light cameras. I truly believe NO one intentionally runs a red light - Rev. Gerald M. Hayward

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