The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree: Rep. Daphne Campbell's Son Charged with Medicare Fraud

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Back in December, New Times reported the long and shady past of newly elected state Rep. Daphne Campbell's questionable dealings while running group homes for adults who need special care. Now her son, 28-year-old Gregory Campbell, has been charged with Medicare fraud for allegedly billing the government for $299,000 worth of services he did not provide through separate adult group homes. 

According to The Herald, the younger Campbell conspired with the owner of an adult care home to double bill Medicare for services provided at another group home. He also charged the Government for patients that never stayed at the home. He split the money with Percival Wignall, who owns Sunnyman Retirement Home in Miami.

The charges come after a two-year investigation by the Medicare Fraud Control unit. Rep. Campbell refused to comment on her son's arrest. 

Rep. Campbell is no stranger to controversy surrounding adult care homes. Before being elected to represent district 108 this past November as a Democrat, Campbell ran a ring of nine group homes. As New Times chronicled, four clients died under questionable circumstances at her homes. Rodent droppings and dead roaches were found in one of her homes. 

The state terminated their contract with Campbell's company in 2006, and the company was dissolved later that year. 

Campbell and her Husband tried to re-enter the group home industry again a few years later, but their two business partners in those ventures, Rose White and Nebert Whyte, claim the couple screwed them out of thousands of dollars and have launched several complaints against Campbell.  

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Hmmm, I wonder if she is any relation to Rep. Bernice Johnson in Dallas.  Same type M.O.:  lying, cheating & stealing.

Facts Hurt
Facts Hurt

Bold, you are sadly misinformed.  There was no case brought against Scott, nor was he even questioned by federal authorities about HCA's Medicare (not Medicaid) fraud allegations.  There was plenty of media discussion on the issue, but we have to ask, why do you think it is okay for a liberal to cheat Medicare? 

Scott's connections were vetted and many people decided that he was still a better candidate than Alex Sink, so that tells you how badly the Sink campaign was run.  In this story we are talking about current events surrounding Representative Campbell, her past actions running nursing homes, her son's involvement in running nursing homes, and current lawsuits filed against Rep. Campbell.

Heck for all we know this could be a high tech lynching by white liberals mad at her for defying them on their sacred idol of abortion.


Where was this concern when our Governor Scott had the distinction of having the largest medicaid fraud case in history brought against him?!


This is an absolute shame that this country is trying to help those who cant help themselves and you have criminals  like Campbell elected to high offices representing this great nation, that should  alsobe investigated on how she won  I see a dark cloud , how can a person like this win an election after denying the human dignity and rights to the diabled she  and her family should be ashamed of themselves, and you know what I dont think they are or care, I hope the judicial system does its job, you are right the apple does not fall far from the tree, they are a disgrace to the Haitian nation showing them up to be crooked or naive about these happenings. Someone knows whats happening and I  feel the whole family does as well,everything will come out in the wash they should be locked up for depriving the disabled the only rights they have...such a disgrace..such a disgrace    to the Caribbean community and the United States of America


Don't take me for an apologist, but it is so easy to point the finger at someone. If someone had the guts to get their hands dirty to find out the truth, they would be amazed. N.B Pro-life has nothing to do with misguided business. If they want to refer to Rep Campbell, let the antithetic reference of Pro-life democrat alone and the corrupted business image alone. It is important to make it clear. Because if the relation is made between the two, then there is something really immoral going on that implies a cause-and-effect ratio.

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