Some Republican Women Resent Latest Anti-Abortion Ultrasound Bill

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Despite the fact the Republican-controlled Florida legislature has had to deal with a myriad of issues, including the economy, immigration, education and a crackdown on Florida's deadly prescription pain pill problem, the legislators still found time to carve out a new round of anti-abortion measures. The legislature has sent a bill requiring woman to be offered an ultrasound before they terminate a pregnancy that will likely be signed by Gov. Rick Scott. Though, even some Republican female lawmakers seem to resent it.

The bill is a watered-down version of a bill that was passed last year, but ultimately vetoed by then-Governor Charlie Crist. The bill requires all women undergoing an abortion, even if it is the result of incest or rape, to have an ultrasound. The bill makes no mention of who will pay for the ultrasound. The bill would then require doctors to review the ultrasound with a client unless the woman signs a form stating she does not want to hear the description. However, woman who are the victims of incest, rape, domestic violence, or human trafficking would not have to sign anything to decline the description.

Gov. Rick Scott has signaled that he will sign it.

However, not all Republicans were on board with the bill. Two Republican women senators led arguments against the bill.

"I will vote no on every abortion bill," Sen. Evelyn Lynn (R-Ormand Beach) said during debate. "It is the wrong thing for us to be discussing."

Lynn feels that her fellow Senators should have focused on more pressing issues.

"I came up here to help put food on the table," she continued. "I came up here to get people jobs. I came up here to protect people from the kinds of safety issues that fire and police take care of. I came up here to protect education."

Her Republican colleague Sen. Nancy Detert of Venice echoed the sentiment.

"I'm prolife for me and everyone else is on their own," she said. "I personally resent writing legislation that acts like I'm too stupid to confer with my own doctor."

Though, the bill ultimately passed 24-15 in the Senate after having been previously passed in the House.

[HeraldTribune: Anti-abortion measures OK'd; Scott will sign]

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What is the point of requiring a woman seeking an abortion to get an ultrasound when she can decline hearing the description anyway? It defeats the whole purpose if you can't emotionally bulldoze into not having one. Then a lot of these people voting for this won't even care about helping the mother out after forcing her to have the kid. They'll label her a welfare queen and blame her for a strained budget and every social ill imaginable. A self-fulfilling prophecy so they won't have to change their platform to anything productive or worthwhile.


I'm not sure how one who says they are pro-life can also support someone else's right to choose? And, Mark, it is a men's issue as well - last biology book I checked the male still has something to do with have rights also...I think we all need to be ultrasounded!

Mark Philips
Mark Philips

what is truly incomprehensible is how women let men have any say on this issue. just goes to show why women are still 2nd class citizens. they have no guts.


"I'm prolife for me and everyone else is on their own," she said. "Ipersonally resent writing legislation that acts like I'm too stupid toconfer with my own doctor."

and thank her for it! even if it will pass, it's nice knowing some republicans get it.

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