TNT Camera Man Caught Checking Out Hot, Hot Miami Heat Fans

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Last night's heart pumping game between the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls certainly had enough on court action to keep anyone satisfied, but a TNT camera man got a little bored between halves and started zooming in on some of the Heat's prettiest blonde lady fans. Somehow that ended up getting broadcast before the third quarter.

Yes, we understand part of their duties is finding crowd reactions to cut to, but it seems someone certainly has a thing for blonde ladies.

[via Deadspin]

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James G. Camp
James G. Camp

Wow, I'm disappointed, that's the best he could get zooming in ? At least get us some J-Lo ? :)


This should have made national headlines

Mister Black
Mister Black

One of the things i hate about journalism is when the writer takes a story and muddies it up w/ false facts. Kyle my friend, he was clearly checking out the dark haired chick (everyone know the hot ones always sit next to blondes).

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