Two Wounded, One Killed In Assault Rifle Ambush in Liberty City

Miami police are looking for multiple gunmen with assault rifles who attacked a group in Liberty City early this morning, leaving one man dead and two seriously wounded.

Dean Nathan Young, who was 45 years old, died shortly after he and two others were "ambushed" on the front lawn of a home on NW 73rd Street just west of Interstate 95, police say.

Young arrived at the house just after 1:30 a.m. today with two younger men, 23-year-old Javarus Antwon Hall and Avia Shanger Glover, who's also 23, says Officer Kenia Reyes, a spokeswoman for the Miami PD.

As the trio walked toward the brown, one-story house in the shadow of the freeway overpass, "several black men with assault rifles" ran toward the group and started firing, Reyes says.

All three were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where Young died. Hall remains in critical condition this afternoon, while Glover is listed as stable.

Detectives are looking for any info on the gunmen. (Know anything? Call them at 305-471-TIPS.)

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Shoot first...
Shoot first...

No wonder Police shoot first and ask questions later. Police only have Glocks. Criminals have assault rifles.

Assault Rifles?
Assault Rifles?

Assault rifles? Gunmen running AT their targets? No wonder City of Miami policemen are jumpy. No wonder they shoot when they feel threatened.

There are far too many assault rifles and other guns in Liberty City.

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