Video: Naked Caveman Streaker Tackled In Last Night's Marlins-Cubs Game

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This is what happens when you take your clothes off at the ballpark.
The Marlins blew another game in late innings last night against the hapless Cubbies, but it wasn't all bad news at Sun Life Stadium. A kind-hearted, completely buck-naked fellow with stringy caveman hair gave all the kids something to cheer about when he sprinted out to right center field late in the game.

He was tackled and hauled out by two ushers who presumably took hearty showers afterward. We salute you, naked caveman!

We'll let the video's author, a user named "mpreciousjewel01" describe the action:
It's Wed, May 18th, 2011 and during the Marlins vs Cubs Baseball game today this crazy guy (with a crazy farmers tan btw) jumps over the wall from the seats in the outfield section, onto the field, rips off his shorts and sprints across the field. Once he reaches the middle of the field he begins to do cartwheels and a funny dance where he wiggles his package for the stadium. Shortly after security and police escort him off the field! But not before the fans got to see a memory of a lifetime... a streaker at a baseball game!! Unforgettable!!
The author also claims the nude streaker came from a crowd of 60 people from Key West who were asked to leave over the pantsless run.

Anyone out there who can verify that? If not, we'll just assume it's true because it validates all our cherished stereotypes about people from Key West (namely that they are sunburned naked drunks with questionable hygiene. But we love them for it!)

Here's the clip. Enjoy it until YouTube takes it down:

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cubs girl
cubs girl

I saw the streaker and some of the Key West crowd! Kudos to you Sun Life Streaker! Hope they go easy on you during sentencing! 

Polite Guest
Polite Guest

Look at all those empty seats. It's OUTRAGEOUS that they are getting a whole new stadium.


All true, that's my best friend, we all live in key west. He's also a parasail captain down here. Fly naked, fly free!!! X- files!!


Haha.. Questionable hygiene! What!? And I'm still not sure why the 42 of us gotkicked out! Nonetheless, you can't take us crazy kids anywhere, I guess!

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