944 Magazine is Closing

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944, the magazine for people who find Ocean Drive too challenging of a read, is closing. The chain of glossies with a Miami Beach edition published its last set of issues with the June edition, and then will be no more. The company filed for bankruptcy protection last year, and though it found a new owner in the meantime, it appears it wasn't able to get out of its financial hole.

This shouldn't be too big of a blow to the local media landscape. The magazine featured a mix of local content and national content it shared with the rest of it's regional editions. The free glossy was sometimes nice to look it, but hardly required reading. The Las Vegas edition of the magazine will survive in some form or another, but every other local edition, including Miami's, is dunzo.

I guess locals will have to get their shallow glossy "local" magazine fix now from the likes of Ocean Drive, Miami Modern Luxury and, now, Plum.

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Luxury Real Estate
Luxury Real Estate

It's really sad that they're closing. But every ending is a start of new beginning. I just wanna thank them for providing a magazine that becomes an inspiration for many of us.


In their last Miami issue they listed "paddleboarding" as not "hot".  Out-of-touch, pseudo-hipsters.  Good riddance!


thank allah that they are gone. means less trees being cut down for such a useless magazine. what did they really offer besides replicating other glossy magazines. i hope Plum magazine realizes that they are a copy of 944 and soon will be out of business.

Coopers Pick
Coopers Pick

I really enjoyed reading the interamerican academy stories that ManuelMorante their chief editorial staff writer used to write about for great places in the miami area to go to. I guess I will have to find a new publication to pick up. Thanks for many great years as I used to read this on the way back from the christian festival every year.   

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