Chris Bosh Sued by Ex for Keeping Her Off Basketball Wives

Between the Heat and VH1's Basketball Wives, the city of Miami has become America's unquestioned capital of b-ball-related drama. Mix the Heat and the Wives together, and you have a surefire recipe for superscandal.

See, VH1 tried to capitalize on the Heat drama by bringing Chris Bosh's baby mama Allison Mathis into the cast. Bosh sued to keep her off, but now Mathis has filed a suit of her own against Bosh.

Bosh sued Mathis and Wives producers Shed Media in May and claimed the show would exploit his name and former relationship with Mathis. Rather than fight the legal battle, producers dropped Mathis from the cast.

Now Mathis has fired back, claiming Bosh "intentionally, knowingly, maliciously, and without justification" caused her to get fired and interfered with her employment.

"Chris Bosh is using his vast money and all of the power that comes from his wealth and celebrity to silence her," reads a statement from Mathis's attorney.

Eh, don't get so angry, Allison. You can always try to nab a spot on Real Housewives of Miami.

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Gag her please
Gag her please

Allison Mathis makes a strong case for assisted suicide. Someone would be happy to assist her commit suicide.


Seriously? His wife has issues. She won't let her daughter watch her dad's basketball games but she'll let her watch her mom acting like a classless woman on TV. How pathetic.


There is a reason most of the star fuckers on those shows are divorced.


I live in Miami and I can not stand this show... Most of the girls on the show are not even "Wives". They are all former tag-a-longs and former girlfriends who only want to make a name for themselves by bringing other poeple down. Nothing but leeches in my opinion.

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